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Are you a Dialog Ninja?

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A new Cloud Communication Platform for RCMP

Instructions on how to talk to customers

A new Communicaion Platform to contact stores

What is Dialog

Question 2/15

How do I access Dialog?

Using the link provided on VETA

Using the app on my desktop

It will aotimatically load up when I sign in to my IKEA VM

Question 3/15

How do I sign in to Dialog for the first time?

Click more login options, type INGKA into organizations, click next and Microsoft

Sign in with my INGKA email and IKEA password

I will be automatically signed in when I click on the link provided!

Question 4/15

What do I do with the link once I have Logged in?

Add it to my favourites on my browser


Download Dialog app to my desktop

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What status colour shows you are On Queue?

Question 6/15

How do I start receiving interactions through Dialog?

Change my status to Available and go On Queue

Go in to available

Interactions! With customers?

Question 7/15

What does this Icon do?

Allows me to switch between Voice, email & Chat

Allows me to check my voicemails

Allows me to check emails from my customers

Question 8/15

What is the VETA ID for System guide: Dialog?

VETA ID: 306430.11

VETA ID: 306436.11

VETA ID: 305430.11

Question 9/15

Do I need to set up my mircophone when I first sign in To Dialog?

Yes, I need to make sure I have allow Microphone access on my browser

No, It will be connected automatically

Yes, I need to make sure my headset is in the right USB port

Question 10/15

I'm with a customer but after discussing their issue with them, I realise they have come through to the wrong queue. How do I transfer my customer to the right queue?

You dont, this is my call, I'm taking responsibility for it

Click consult, wait with my customer and advise the next co worker why I am transferring the call

Choose the right department from the dropdown menu, click on notes and advise why you are transferring, click transfer

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What systems have now been intergrated into Dialog?

Question 12/15

Click outbound interaction icon, switch to send email, GB_Email_res_general and the customer email below, then press enter on my keyboard

Click outbound interaction icon, switch to send email, GB_voice_res_general and the customer email below, then press enter on my keyboard

Use email sender on VETA

I'm on call with my customer who's looking for a copy of their recent receipt to be email to them, how do I do this?

Question 13/15

While working Live Chat, I am required to work how many chats at once?




Question 14/15

I'm still in wrap up and need to press done

Issues with the system? Restart!

I have finished my call with a customer and they have hung up, but I've not received another call, why?

Customer has not hung up correctly and the line is still live

Question 15/15

How do I logout at the end of my shift?

Go Off Queue, stay in available and click logout

Go Off Queue and close down the page

Go Off queue, switch my status to away/personal and click logout



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