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Portfolio is a tool that allows you to independently capture evidence of learning. You can maintain your digital portfolio year after year, as you progress through your learning journey with Villiers Park.You can document your progress and growth. Collecting certificates from courses, work you've done developing your skills, your thoughts from coaching. You can use the mobile app to upload your evidence. To find your portfolio, click on your name in the top right and click onto Portfolio.Click 'add to portfolio' to add your evidence, link it to your Coaching course, select a tag (tags have been set up for you and are what your evidence relates to) and share with your instructor (your progression coach) if you'd like to share it with themPortfolio is your personal space to showcase all the fantastic projects you've done and certificates you've got


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1) On your device, download Brightspace Portfolio from any global Google Play™ store or Apple App Store®.2) Tap the Brightspace Portfolio iconBrightspace Portfolio icon.3) Tap My Device.4) Do one of the following:Enter your Brightspace URL, and then tap Connect.Tap Scan Code and use the Brightspace Portfolio app to scan the QR code provided by your instructor.5) Enter your Brightspace credentials, and then tap Log In.6) To start collecting evidence, see Collect evidence.