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Sugar Bullet MarketingAn Overview

  • Set up Sugar Bullet Marketing in 2009
  • Previously held a variety of marketing roles at:
    • Bristol Hippodrome
    • Kraft Foods (Now Mondalez)
    • Capital Radio Group
    • Leo Burnett
  • Work with small businesses - mostly in the B2B sector.

A little about me

stuart Britt - adapted

Doing business without marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark - you know you're doing it but no-one else does.

Marketing Workshops

Marketing Manager

Strategic Planning

Ensure companies hit their marketing sweet spot

What I do

Message connects with target audience Reduce wasted spend

Steps to a successful marketing plan

Customer journey Targeted activity Relevant messages

Positioning/ overall messaging Difference vs competition

Market definition Where you sit currently

  • Customer view
  • Competitive research

Geoff Hazell, Director Maxinity software Ltd

Nicki has been instrumental in helping us to determine our positioning in the market, who to target with our marketing and how to do it, leading to significant growth in the business...I can certainly recommend (and have done), that if you are looking for senior level marketing help on a consultancy basis then contact Nicki at Sugar Bullet.