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In this activity, we would like you to read the following example situation, and then respond to some questions using the RULER approach.

Activity: Implementing RULER

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A girl in your class, Sarah, has worked very hard on a model-building project for weeks. She proudly shows her friends the result, a complex structure that she built herself. Suddenly, another girl in the class walks straight over to Sarah’s model and crushes it.Sarah’s eyes go very wide, and her mouth opens. She screams, ‘How could you?!’ and then throws the rest of the model on the ground before she runs out of the room.

Sarah's Situation

OK, last thing - we would like you to reflect on the following questions. You don’t have to submit anything, just jot down some ideas:
  • Do you think you have a better understanding now of what emotional Intelligence is?
  • Do you feel like you can identify and name emotions?
  • Can you think of any strategies for regulating emotions that you might use this week?
  • What’s something that you learned today that you think might help you in the future?

Thank you for completing this activity!