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"I wish it could be Christmas everyday"


  • Typically it is written but of a spoken mode
1. Synthetic Personalisation - relatable and personal 'you, your'. Like a friendThey focus on the idea that Christmas brings everyone together 2. Repetition of 'wish' shows passion and desire, but the expectancy of any excited ordinary samaritan. For those who feel they cannot fufill that same excitement because of the 'restriction' of their ageInterjection - 'oh'


1. Directly addressed - synthetic personalisation 'you, your' To anyone generalise excitement of christmas to bring youth2. Downward convergence, childlike vocab - 'If you jump into your bed quickly cover up your head' - rhyming3. Sibilance of 'Sweet Santa Claus' and ' sleep simply melts'


1. Christmas, Santa Claus, Snowman, Merry, Bells, Sleigh 2. positive and optimistic. However not romantic, youthfull and focused on the past3. Winter- Frosticles, snow, storm, melt, cloud, snow - Pathetic FallacyNostalgie - Rosy Cheeks, great big smile, cover up your head, jump into your bed, everyday


1. Unique links to christmas, e.g 'Milky-Way' - spaceTopic shift - verse to chorus, one moment 'we're skating in the park' to 'signing my name on the roof top in the snow'2. Rhetorical question 'Why don't you give your love for Christmas?' - to infrom reflectionMain independent clause - An independent clause is a clause that can stand alone as a sentence (i.e., it expresses a complete thought) 'I wish it could be Christmas everyday'Function: To bring youth into any age during Christmas, feel like a child again - Nostalgia back to childish vocab 'jump into your bed and quickly cover your head'Exclamatory sentences - including interjection 'oh' in 'oh, I wish it could be Christmas everyday'Interrogative - question 'Why don't you giver your love for Christmas?' - secretly everyone loves ChristmasDiscourse Marker - Well, then 3. Paralinguistic features of pace, volume, pitch and stress are variable, rhythmic and melodic - supports function of bringing joy

Social Class

Doesn't focus on gifts and spending ,money. Focuses on the little things in life 'I'll sign my name on the roof top in the snow' Sharing that feeling like a kid on Christmas is for everyone

  • Any gender, region, ethnicity etc - not specific

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