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Project 1 and 2

Name: Henil BariyaID: 2207211


Eileen Gray - Architect

“To create, one must first question everything,”

03. Loba house

02. Experimenting

01. Project 1 & 2

06. 1:100 Section

05. 1:20 Room

04. 1:100 Floorplan

09. 4 Elevations

10. 1:20 Axonmetric

11. 1:50 Axonmetric

08. Cabanon de le Corbusier

07. 1:50 Section


01. Project 1 & 2

  1. Floor Plan
  2. Perspective
  3. Elevation
  4. Axonmetric
  5. Scale


Floor plan, Elevation and Axonmetric

Floor plan is scaled drawing to show different aspects of a building. An elevation is a drawing plan from a different angle to outline different structure in an object. An Axonmetric is a drawing of the structure presented in 3D following alternative perspetives.

Sketching Pencil
Colouring pencil
Ball point pen
Pencil shading

02. Experimenting


Loba House

Loba House - Pezo von Ellrichshausen

The loba house was completed in 2017, which is located on the Chilean coast. The building is measured to be in an area of 70 square meters. The rigid structure was embedded into a rocky cliff and faces the Pacific Ocean, giving beautiful views to the people. The architects consider their work to be “more than a hut but less than a house,”

Loba House

04. 1:100 Floorplan Drawing

1:100 Floor Plan Drawing

This is the 1:100 scaled floorplan drawing of the loba house. the floor plan consists of 6 rooms, with each room having stairs to access the different rooms. the floorplan has facilities like a bedroom, toilet, seating area and a kitchen which makes it convenient to the resident.

Loba House

05. 1:20 Room Drawing

1:100 Room Drawing

This is a close up 1:20 scaled floorplan drawing of the bedroom and the toilet from the loba house. i rendered the walls as black to outline and make it understanable to the reader, also the stair are 2 levels which is higlighted by the different shades of grey.

Loba House

06. 1:100 Section Drawing

1:100 Section Drawing

This is the 1:100 scaled drawing of the side section of the loba house. i have rendered the drawing by making the terrain distintive using coloured pencil and adding details like the rocks that the building resides on, followed by the blue marking out the windows and the doors.

Loba House

07. 1:50 Section Drawing

1:50 Section Drawing

This is the 1:50 scale drawing of the entrance. this room can used to relax and acts as living room as sofas and chairs can be placed here, for the rendering i have chosed colours that are used through out the house like grey and brown. Also i added a human figure to show the scaled of the room

The cabanon de le corbusier was built in 1951 as a holiday home for le corbusier, it was made using dark pine wood with a slanted roof. Le Corbusier has at his disposal a rest area, a working area, a toilet area and a washbasin. The furniture is reduced to a bed, a table, and some storage.


Cabanon de Le Corbusier

Le Cabanon

09. 1:50 4 Elevations

1:50 4 Elevations

This is the 4 elevations from the perspectives of different cardinal directions. this gives a idea of how the outside of the shack looks. i rendered it to show the outside is made by wood and added bushes and trees to give context.

Le Cabanon

10. 1:20 Axonmetric Drawing

1:20 Axonmetric Drawing

This is the 1:20 scaled drawing of the axonmetric house. it contains the furniture like the wardrobe, table, chair and other elements. i rendered them using directioal shading to give it texturemaking it bold.

Le Cabanon

11. 1:50 Different Angle

1:50 Different Drawing

This is the 1:50 scaled axonmetric drawing from a different angle, i used colouring pencils, furthermore i used online editing tool to make alternatives of the drawing.