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Unit 3 JOBS


The Performing Arts Industry:

The Performing Arts industry is an extremely creative form of art performed by individuals for an audience. Within this industry there are a plentitude of occupations you can take up. I think it's a common misconception that when you hear the words: 'I work in performing arts,' you immediately assume they are performers in a theatre piece when in reality the term reaches so many different corners of the industry. The art of performing arts is timeless, and has been around for centuries. It is a classical practice that is still so prominent in today's society; people watch performances for not just the performer, but the set, costume, sound, and story. This means it requires many different people with different jobs.

THEATRE MANAGER: A theatre manager will oversee the smooth operarational running of the theatre. Some tasks may include coordinating a calender, getting donations and making sure the theatre stays relevant and on the map. SALARY: £45,000 +.

PRODUCER: A producer's main job is tocome up with narratives and hire writers. They also have to do things like secure the rights to scripts. They decide on the budget and scale of the film, ans sort out the funding , studios and investors. SALARY: £36,000-£150,000 depending on expierience.


COSTUME MAKER: A costume maker needs to ensure that they have all the correct fittings and measurements of their model. They really need to understand the play/show/story in order to get a good grasp on what the character's costume would look like. They need to analyse the character, and get into their head. If its a theatre production that involves dancing, they have to ensure the costumes are bold, and are comfrotable and easy to move in. SALARY: £22,000-£42,000 ranging on expeirience.



Michelle Yeoh

Here are some stars from the 2000s:




The performing arts industry in the present day is very diverse. Traditionally, Hollywood films would most likely only consist of an all-white cast. Here are some top A-List actors from the 1950s:

  • MARKETING: Ensures the public know about the production, through adverts and campaigns, press nights.
  • FOH: Staff members ensuring customer service in the venue.
  • PRODUCER: Oversees all of the production: investments,casting and design.
  • MUSICIAN: Can read, compose and perform music.
  • DIRECTOR: Directs the piece as a whole.
Can be assisted by an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR.
  • PERFORMER: entertaining an audience by
dancing, singing or acting.

Job Sectors:

There are so many different sectors within the performing arts category. Some of these include:


I say this hoping to show that there is so much more diversity in film and performing arts now. Some people argue that it's "woke", when in reality no it's just equality. I grew up in a society that when i'm asked to think of one 'iconic' old celebrity I immediately think of Marilyn Monroe. Which is fine, it's not her fault, but I could not tell you one actor off the top of my head from the 1950s and below that isn't white. That might come down to my own lack of knowledge, but I think alot of people my age would answer the same. As much that I agree that there has been an enourmous breakthrough in the amount of inclusivity that , should just be natural in the film and theatre industry, there is still this agitating community of people that aren't outwardly racist but heavily imply it. For example the controvesy surrounding Halle Bailey, a young black female born in Atlanta, USA. She played Ariel in Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' 2023 live-action adaptation. She and Disney recieved tons of backlash, simply because she does not "look like an animated character" from the 1989 Little Mermaid. This was one of the most preposterous things I have ever witnessed. The only difference between their appearences is their complexion, which has absoloutely nothing to do with the film's storyline. That is why it is absurd. The same thing has happened with Rachel Zegler, a young American actress from Latin descent. She was casted as 'Snow White', for Disney's new live adaptation. She recieved the same thing. It just makes zero sense, but that's the unfortunate and unfair cost that comes with their job. They are brilliant performers, that are being held back due to extremely aged and stupid beliefof the consumers.

Other actors, home life, self-doubt, others doubting you, social life, physical health, mental health, money/income, family, not finding any oppurtunities.

Workshops, work expierience, volunteering, performing plays/shows, front of house, ushering.

Dance, movement, physical theatre, following choreography, voice warm-ups, articulating my words, eye contact.

Punctual, ability to comfortably devise and lead, organised, confident, can adapt to new environments quickly, prepared.





SWOT Analysis:

Career Path:

My career is going to be based around the performing arts industry. I have always wished to be a performer, and how I will achieve this is by doing as many clubs, courses, and just anything to do with it to gain expeirience. For example, I go to a theatre group every week, I do a performing arts course, I always go to see plays even if they are student ones that no one has ever heard of as it helps me and them. Doing courses and actively trying to find things to help myself contributes to my career. Also in the future, I would really like to learn how to write a play or piece of film, and also how to properly devise a piece, as I love the idea of being behind the scenes aswell. Ways I can achieve my goals is to always be putting 100%, and always speaking to others who share the same interests with me, looking for oppurtunities.

Postgraduate Pre-degree Short Course Study Abroad Undergraduate (via UAL)

Educational Paths

There are many different qualifications and courses you can get within 'Performing Arts'. Here are a few: