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Sleigh Ride

Analysis on the mode, AUDIENCE, field and functionPresented by jkoi and christianah


History of Sleigh bells

Sleigh Ride, made in 1948 by Mitchell Paris and Leroy Anderson is a familiar classic when ' it comes to Christmas carols. The song took 2 years to release starting production in 1946!


Typical of speech with features of transactional speech

Allitration used

There is a repetition of words presented in the music as seen in the lyrics ~ ring-a-ling-a ding-dong-ding

There is a rhythm of sounds between each verse. Enduring a feeling of familiarity and nostalgia

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The lyricist used features of speech as seen in the paralinguistic features of the song- the 'you' at the end of a verse usually has a longer syllabic duration, and there are many features of rhythm as seen in the use of alliteration above.


No typical address to ages. Mainly directed to people who spend winter doing winter activities.


The lyricist doesn't target a specific audience, this is seen with the use of inclusive pronouns 'our' and 'you'

The lyricist also directs his song towards people with similar experiences.

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Winter acitvities- Christmas time

Winter activities

Made for people who spend their winter participating in fun activities outside.

Direct adress to Winter activities 'sleigh ride...'

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Encourage familiarity and nostolgia with winter activities spent with others.