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Knowledge for Public Health


Creatives discussion 11.12.2023


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. A refresher - what is KNOW-PH and what are we expected to do?
  3. The process - Opening up the deep coproduction process with creative partners (Joe)
  4. Rapid coproduction – discussion about creative inputs/outputs
  5. Evaluation – discussion about creative inputs/outputs

A refresher

What is KNOW-PH and what are we expected to do?

UK first public health KMb team

Creative focus

2 x deep coproduction

3-6 month rapid response

Health inequalities

  • problem/solution from user perspective
  • what does evidence mean to those audiences?
  • And what can they do with it?
  • NIHR PH Review team
  • NIHR Library
  • Rapid review?
  • for NIHR sign off
  • audience scoping
  • What, Why, With whom?
  • creative approaches used
  • in team
  • with NIHR
  • with PACE
  • with LARG
  • Problem definition

Our approach

Topic development

Project specification

Evidence collation

Creative coproduction


Topic prioritisation

Public and Community Engagement LARG and wider LA workforce

Active KMb

With LAsAn output in itselfComms within and outwith


An array of knowledge productsA guide to KMb for LAsA guide to creative approaches


CapacityField advancementSubstantive topic impactEvaluation

Our funds

  • Large flexible fund: £188K p.a. for extra CoI time/expertise buy-in
  • £83K budget for creative input (NiftyFox, Cardboard Citizens, Optical Jukebox)
  • £50K budget for AFRUCA for Public and Community Engagement

Early rapid response topics

  • mental health in schools
  • workforce mental health and workplace related stress
Knowledge for Public Health