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Salt to the Sea


Midnight's Children


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Salt to the Sea

What does the term ‘salt to the sea’ mean? Something so small and insignificant to something so largeSomething so important and essential to another objectBackground:During the second world war (1945)Germans fleeing from the RussianWilhelm Gustloff9,400 dead (-10 degrees)Motherland, Soviet People, Leningrand, StalinWhat did I feel about the topic before?What did i discover about the topic as I read?Final reflections after I read.

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However, her work wasn't embraced or widely anthologized until nearly 50 years after her novels were published.Here are 5 reasons why Woolf should be one of your feminist icons:

  • She was chiefly interested in and wrote about the inner lives of women.
  • She lived in a time when she was granted few rights, but turned the setback into a strength.
  • She was progressive in her feminism, and even made the connection between a patriarchal society and militarism.
  • She believed deeply in the power of the individual.
  • She saw sexuality and gender as fluid.

Virginia Woolf is now accepted as an extremely important literary figure and an early feminist.

Reading two books and one poem from diverse cultures opened my mind to new perspectives and ways of thinking. Each piece offered unique insights into unfamiliar traditions, beliefs, and emotions. As I delved into these diverse narratives, my understanding of the world broadened, fostering a greater appreciation for cultural diversity and challenging my preconceptions.

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