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A decentralised solution to the issues facing the collectible shoe marketplace.



Technical details



Payment security and decentralisation

Unknown shoe history

Misleading product descriptions

Authenticity concerns

The current shoe marketplace leaves a lot to be desired


CrepCrypt is a decentralised shoe marketplace where the authenticity and condition of a pair of shoes are verified by AI before a shoe is listed. If they pass the test, an NFT will be minted and linked to this specific pair of shoes, which will guarantee the buyer gets what they paid for.



Funds are only released once the customer has received the product. Furthermore, the decentralised nature of the marketplace reduces the reliance on central authorities on the platform.

The condition provided by the seller and the pictures they upload are cross referenced by AI to ensure it is an accurate description of the shoes. The seller will only be able to list the shoes if this check is successful.

CreptCrypt records a clear history of ownership directly on the blockchain, meaning any buyer can see how many people have previously owned the pair of shoes.

Buyers can confidently purchase shoes, each verified for authenticity and linked to a unique NFT. This reliable verification method bolsters consumer confidence and upholds the integrity of the marketplace.