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5 Activities For the Development of Vocal Delivery

Use these activities to practice your vocal delivery, tone and appear congruent in your body language and voice and develop your overall presenters voice.

Speak Nonsense

Objective: refine your vocal delivery.As we learned in the previous section of this module, research tells us your delivery matters even more than what you say. This exercise helps you refine it. Translate your content into a language you do not understand, and practice saying it aloud as though you’re giving a speech. Pay mind to your tone, inflections, and generally how you can use your voice to create more interest.this exercise works because it will eliminate your focus on your words and refocus your attendtion to your delivery.

One-Minute Off the Cuff

Objective: minimize the anxiety that comes with presenting in-person.You have completed your presentation preparation and are feeling nervous about your delivery. Set a timer on your phone for one minute and record yourself giving an impromptu speech on the topic. The only rule is that you must continue and complete your delivery. Do this as many times as necessary until you feel comfortable with the quality of your delivery.This exercise is designed to get you more comfortable speaking off-the-cuff and minimize the anxiety that comes from being afraid you won’t have anything to say.

Objective: solidify your vocal narrativeWhen rehearsing your delivery, find pictures online that match the story or content of your presentation and copy them into a separate deck. Practice delivering out loud using only the pictures to rehearse the vocal delivery of your narrative.The purpose is not to ensure you deliver all the necessary content, but rather to ensure you deliver all the central points of content, effectively.

Tell a photo story

Make up a definition

Objective: Delivering to sound like an expertNo matter what your presentation is about, you should always seem like you have authority over the topic. For this exercise, choose a word you don’t know the definition of and record yourself saying, with authority, what you think it means. Pay attention to how you can use your voice and intonations to have more command and seem more authoritative.

Objective: Practice tone and congruent body language.Enthusiasm is contagious. If you want your audience to be excited about your topic, then you need to show enthusiasm for it. Choose something you’re indifferent about, say, a kitchen utensil, and practice speaking about it enthusiastically. Use your voice, emphasis, and body language to make it seem like the most exciting thing in the universe.

Gush about something you do not love