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Women empowerment In THailand

By Jumanah and Iqra

We will talk about the achievements and ongoing challenges such as political, Legal, Cultural and educational.

Thailand has made significant strides in promoting women's empowerment, yet challenges persist. Here's an overview:

What we will cover:

- However, men are only allowed to rule and hold important positons in governments.

In Thailand, traditional gender roles have historically been influenced by cultural norms and societal expectations.- Traditional Thai women are expected to fit the mother nurturer role whilst men are expected to be masculine and courageous - Boys are more valued and therefore expected to stay at home whilst girls are allowed to work and support family.- Thai women were the first in Asia to accquire rights under consitution

Gender roles in Thailand


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Furthermore, Traditional roles of gender are embedded from the national religion of Buddahism - sees women as inferior to men - men can be monks

Following the death of King people presumed his beloved daughter would become the next ruler however, due to her gender, the son was crowned instead.




King Rama IX




On going challenges:

Gender Inequality: - Despite progress, gender disparities persist, The labor force participation rate for women is only 59% compared to 75% for men.Female representation in the national parliament is only 15.7%, As well as Covid pandemic has slowed progress in gender equality because women were disproportionately affected