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MBA33 Negotiations lab


Module overview and assessment

Unit 2

Creating value in negotiations

Unit 1

Claiming value in negotitations

Unit 3

Negotiating high profile disputes

Unit 5

Securing consensus in negotitaions

Unit 4

Coalition formation in negotiations

Unit 6

Unit 7

Learning from extremes: Inside Brexit negotitaions

Learning from extremes: Problem solving in space

In this section, you will find out about the core aims of the module and how it is structured and assessed. You will also find here the reading list.

In this unit you will gain further experience in applying the 9-elemet framework to your preparations for a multi-party negotiation, the Powerscreen negotiation. The negotiation is a high stakes one. Again, make sure you feedback your outcomes from the negotiation through the survey within the module online.

In our first unit you will find some guidance for the negotiation exercises you will undertake in this course. You will carry out your first negotiation exercise 'Salt Harbor negotiation' in pairs in your live session and there will be a de-brief of the exercise.

In unit, 2 we will give you the tools to deal with more complex negotiations which will enable you to move from 'value claiming' to 'value creating' in your negotiations. You will cover the nine elements framework and then carry out the MedLee negotiation exercise. You need to make sure you report back the outcome of this exercise and provide feedback to your counterparts after the negotiation.

In this unit you will be looking to hone your negotiation skills in a multiparty situation, Rebuilding the World Trade Center negotiation. This exercise requires you to handle difficult emotions where a consensus needs to be reached.

In this unit you will come to appreciate how your performance in a negotiation is not always straightforward. The exercise, Harborco negotiation, is a more complex one with 6 different roles.

In this unit, Michael Foale discusses the challenges of working across cultures as well as how to navigate diverse personalities in confined spaces with high stakes. Discover keys to effective leadership in such contexts.

In this unit, we hear from Lord Karan Bilimoria. He will provide a behind-the-curtain look at the Brexit negotiations, from the point of view of a Conservative Peer.