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Choosing an I.T System

User experience, User needs, Cost, Efficiency, Implementation, Security


I.T Systems

When you're picking an IT system, think about what you really need it to do – like making work easier or keeping information safe. Make sure it works well with what you already have (compatabilty ) and won't be too hard to use (user experience). Also, check how much it might cost in the long run, not just when you first get it. It's smart to pick something that can grow or change with your needs and won't cost too much to keep working.Lastly, make sure the company making the system is reliable and can help you if something goes wrong.So, think about what you need, how it fits with your current setup, the cost in the long term, and if the company behind it is trustworthy before choosing your IT system.


User Experience

User Needs


Efficiency and Productivity



Ease of Use




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Remember 4 Key Points

User Experience

When Choosing an IT system





User Experience Key Points








Each user will have different needs, this will inform the digital technology choicesExample: CollegeThe IT systems needs staff and learners to use Google docs, programs , communicate by email and store files on a central server.

User Needs

Initial Cost - Depends on the brand and functionsOngoing - Printer Catridges price depends on the brand, if it breakdowns.

Example -Printer

Security Measures: Antivirus software, firewall protection, data backups. Upgrades: Hardware and software upgrades to ensure compatibility and performance.

Ongoing Expenses:

Hardware: Computers, servers, networking devices. Software Licenses: OS, productivity suites, specialized software. Infrastructure: Internet connection, routers, cabling.

Initial Setup Costs:

Everything depends on the size of the budget


End Calculation

If a business is working with systems will low specifications it will take the employee longer to complete the tasks and it will ultimately cost the business money.Example:-In a small game development studio, a team of developers utilizes a slow PC for creating games. The slow performance significantly impacts their productivity due to prolonged load times for game engines, software tools, and extended compiling times for code changes.Extra load time per iteration: 20 minutes Additional compiling time per iteration: 15 minutes Number of iterations per day: 6

Efficiency & Productivity

Is it essential that the system is able to start up fast, load programs quickly and nearly never crash?

Ask yoursleves these questions




How long?



How much testing?



WIll data need to be transfered?

Will the system require training

will data need to be migrated from old to new?

System need to be available quickly?

Timescaleneeded to beimplemented?

Are portable devices appropriate?

Is physical security needed?


Is biometric security needed ?

Will the system handle sensitive info?

Case study :-

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  • Implement physical security measures to protect hardware and storage devices where sensitive data is stored.
  • This includes securing server rooms, using access control mechanisms, and employing surveillance where necessary.

E.G testing software is working correctly, network capacity, computer components


Adequate time for testing and quality assurance is crucial. Identifying and resolving bugs, ensuring system stability, and verifying functionality.

Data MIgration

During the migration process, there might be system downtime, disrupting regular business operations and potentially causing inconvenience to users.Integration problems between the old and new systems can arise, causing compatibility issues that need to be addressed.Migrating to a new system allows for the restructuring and organization of data, leading to better data management practices and improved accessibility.


  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Iris or Retina Scans
  • Voice Recognition

Step 1

  • Implement strong access control measures to restrict access to sensitive data.
  • Use authentication methods like strong passwords, multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) to limit access to authorized personnel only.
Will the system work with other devices?

Ensuring seamless functionality and interaction between various hardware and software components. It refers to the ability of different devices, programs, or applications to work together effectively without encountering conflicts or performance issues.If a company had groups of workers on different OS's like Mac and Windows programs woudn't work effectively.

43.1% of all websites on the internet

Easy to use systems which are easy to use are more likely to save time and preferred by most people. For personal and businessExample: Wordpress, system is relativlty easy to use .

Ease Of Use

Is the user experienced with computer systems or do they need a system that is easy to use?

Avail ability


9 am to 5pm

It's no good having a retail websites that shuts down when the shops close. The service needs to be online the entire time.


People demand a service, to be on all the time.Example: hosting a website, the service needs to be always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Timescales might be prolonged during the initial setup phase as it involves installing hardware, configuring software, and ensuring compatibility with existing systems. Delays in this phase could extend the overall implementation period. Such as - Computer parts are out of stock, waiting for prices to come down.


Are the users looking for performance?

A creative business that develops games or VR experiences will need a system with high specification to be able to utilise the programs needed without hinderance.ORAn elderly person with very little techical knowledge may want a very basic moblie phone for emergancies, while a business person who is on the move may need a high spec phone to email, call , video call clients.

Portable Devices

  • Set up monitoring systems and logging mechanisms to track user activities, detect anomalies, and identify potential security threats. Regularly review logs to detect and respond to suspicious activities promptly.
  • Use biosecurity to ensure only certain employees can use the system.


Is accessability important?

Adaptability of technology may dictate the technology choices, especially if the user requires specialist devices as speech recognition software.


Can the IT system use the required connection type?

A company / organisation may choose the IT system based on its ability to connect to a network or internet.Some people only require there system to connect to the internet over wifi . Or have multiple workers connected to the network via ethernet Remote staff will requre VPN's , mobile data, bluetooth and wifi.

Depending on the user needs, the system spec's will be different. For example :-Programming Applications , will open require quite basic systems, however the computers RAM and processing will need to be quite high spec, due to the compling of programs and quick effiecient testing.Specification = describes in depth the make up of the system.RAM = Random Access Memory


Does the system meet the requirements of the software to be used ?