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CHEUNG William, DEHAYE Audrey, IKENE Ouiza , Pierre MANCEAU, POULET Paul-Henri
Group 3 Team 4
Cash flow forecasting

Cash and Risk Management

  • Definition of the advantages of good cash flow forecasting
  • The issues faced by a medium sized clothing retailer and an oil exploration company

Cash Flow Forecasting


  • Estimate and anticipate the inflows and outflows of money
  • Over a determined future period.
  • Inflows : sales, investments, borrowings
  • Outflows : debt repayments, financial outflows.


  • Ensure financial stability and efficient cash management
  • Anticipate liquidity needs, identify periods of surplus or lack of funds
  • optimize financial resource management

Techniques and tools

  • Historical analysis, financial models, forecasts (Sales and production), market trends and economic conditions
  • Better financial control = anticipating potential cash deficits or surpluses.
  • A manufacturing = manage a seasonal decrease in sales, ensuring sufficient liquidity to cover expenses.