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Business Plan Group- 20

Our Management team

Muteb Aldawsari
Ketan Suvarna
Abdulrhman Aldughaishem
Yash Shrirang Khare
Anjali Sunil Dass
Wessam Alshehri

(The Piccadilly Hotel, 2018)


  • Situated at the top of Bath Hill
  • Conveniently located (Transport and
Town centre)
  • Independantly Owned hotel
  • 42 modern bedrooms
  • Vibrant and invigorating design

(Google Maps. 2023)

- 1 Mile from Town centre - 0.6 Miles from Railway and coach station- 5.6 Miles from Bournemouth International Airport


(Tripadvisor, 2023)

(The Piccadilly Hotel, 2018)

  • New comfortable beds
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Hair drier
  • Free WiFi

Standard Double & Twin Bedrooms Small Double & Single Bedrooms Family Bedroom

  • Modern bedrooms
  • 32 inch flat screen television
  • En-suite with contemporary powerful showers
  • Fitted modern furniture


42 Rooms

(The Piccadilly Hotel, 2018)

  • Unconstrained access for every visitor
  • Additional Cafe/Lounge/Restaurant in future

Future Hotel Facilities

  • South’s most renowned dance establishment
  • Experienced and thoughtful catering service specialising in Funeral receptions and Wakes.
  • Round-the-clock reception
  • Bar with a complete and valid licence

Current Hotel Facilities

Target Clientele


The vision in coming years is to provide substantial benefits to every guest by offering an easily accessible,great amenities and genuine central retreat that promotes the well-being of the surrounding environment and community (Thomas 2023).

Mission and Vision


The ideal mission of the Piccadilly Hotel is to ensure the utmost comfort during guests' stays. The hotel also aims to facilitate the client in seeking tranquillity and serenity during their duration of accommodation (The Piccadilly Hotel 2018).

(The Piccadilly Hotel, 2018)

(Papp 2023).

  • Outdated exterior
  • Restricted parking availability
  • Unavailability of seaview rooms
  • Unavailability of outdoor space
  • Variations in tourism demand
  • Environmental hazards from coastal erosion
  • Stiff competition from nearby hotels
  • 2.7 Miles from beach
  • Onsite parking
  • efficient transportation links
  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Ballroom and Bereavement catering services
  • Develop cultural packages to increase off-peak visitors.
  • Promote eco-friendliness
  • Personalise guest experience with technology

Budget Target

(Mitrović, M., 2017).

  • Launch digital marketing
  • Regularly monitor
  • Investing in refurbishment of Ballroom
Future Stratergy
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Seasonal dance pass.
  • Thematic room refurbishments and amenities
  • Market research and analysis for competitive pricing.
  • Collaboration fees with travel agents and local businesses
Tactical Budgeting

Pricing Strategy

- Use RACE model
- Only Facebook and Twitter

The prevailing social media platforms in the United Kingdom (UK) during the third quarter of 2022.

(Statista 2023)


Engage in partnerships
  • Emphasise the importance of providing excellent customer service.
  • Take Feedback SERIOUSLY
Be Consistent

Promote Piccadilly's services on multiple platforms.

Website and Online promotion

Taking assistance from influential individuals

  • secure bookings without a middleman
  • Offer special offer/ discount on direct booking and free parking
Direct Sales


Changing the access to restaurant for only inhouse guest as well as outside guest

(Tripadvisor 2023)

Have wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to boost F&B sales

Focusing on Sea-food cuisine along with british-grill

Risaro restaurant

Food and Beverage Stratergies

  • Hotel Manager: 1
  • Duty Managers: 1
  • Reception/ Front office: 4
  • Restaurant Manager: 1
  • Chef: 2
  • Waiters/Waitresses: 3
  • Bar Staff: 2
  • Executive Housekeeper: 1
  • Room Attendants: 5
  • Maintenance: 2
  • Administration and Finance 2
  • 15 to 20 Staff members
  • Both Full time and Part time positions
Staffing/ Recruting


Regular feedback sessionsand meetings for Staff productivity


  • Yearly Bonus
depending on staff's performance


  • Quaterly evaluating
staff performance
  • Regular Audits



  • Monthly training for
excisting staff
  • cross-training between


(Hoare, 2021)

(Lagun, 2023)

(Knodel, 2019)

Energy efficiency

Educating staff and visitors on its sustainability

Local sourcing,

Waste minimization

Extensive recycling programme

Install water-saving fixtures


© 2023 The Piccadilly Hotel

25 Bath Road, Bournemouth, BH1 2NN


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