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Planning educational visits can be complex, but the STAGED approach offers a framework to guide your thinking.


A is for Activity

•Is this provider-led and do they hold an LOtC QualityBadge?• Are the staff appropriately qualified and trained ifschool-led?• Do you have the right clothing and equipment?• Are the learning outcomes clear?

E is for Environment

  • Is this urban or rural?
  • Is this near water or in challenging terrain?
  • Is it summer or winter?
  • Will the visit coincide with any religious festivals or other events?
  • Are there considerations about the time of year, such as weather, daylight hours, travel conditions, risk of infections, avoiding peak times, costs, clothing and equipment required, availability of certain activities?

D is for distance:

How far are you from school and how accessible for the emergency services are you and therefore, how far are you from help?Are you overseas and what are the implications of this - entry requirements, medical care, culture?

G is for Group

• Has the behaviour, medical, educational,emotional etc. needs been considered?• Group dynamics and rooming?• Team development?• Are the students competent to do what you are asking of them?

S is for staffing:

• Do you have sufficient staff?• What are their competencies?• What’s your staff contingency plan?• Do they have any needs to be considered?

T is for transport:

• How are you travelling?• Do you have qualified drivers?• Are you stopping at services?• Are you using public transport?