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how are film Studios organised in America?


Classical Hollywood

Contemporary Hollywood

How do Movies get financed?

How is the bFI (british film industry) structured?

Heckmann C, 2020, What is New Hollywood? The Revolution of 1960s and ‘70s Hollywood, Studiobinder, [Online}, https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/what-is-new-hollywood/, 1st December 2023

The typical studio system is a business where Hollywood movie studios control all aspects of their film productions, including production, distribution, and exhibition. the Big Five studios started this off where all actors, crew, directors, and writers were under contract to the studios. It made for efficient style filmmaking that dominated the industry for about two crucial decades.The system that is with us today made it's start in the 1960s and was lead by a group film students with a desire to challenge the regular status. From this point, filmmakers worked within the studio system and brought an independent perspective to mainstream filmmaking.

how film Studios are organised in America:

Started in New York Went on from 1930 to 1949 Films got shown at a “Nickle Odeon”The industry was only based in LA The 5 Biggest names were: Warner Bros – 1923, 20th Century Fox – 1935, MGM – 1924, Paramount – 1914 and RKO Pictures – 1929. Vertical Integration –> Production, Distribution, Exhibition.Production Process -> Conveyor Belt System. Worked like a business. Sign a contract, been given permission for a studio to use you.

Here are some key notes regarding the classic age of Hollywood.

Classical Hollywood

Here are some key notes regarding the modern age of Hollywood.

The Paramount Case: Film Studios no longer have their own studio, Until 2020, Does not apply to online. 1st Refusal, They pay money, if the Director doesn’t like it, they can say no. Deals with Hollywood agents are now worldwide. Studios no longer have full control Multi-Media Organisations –> Disney

Contemporary Hollywood

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What is Kickstarter?

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