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Learning and Development BP Application - Julia Goulding


L&D Business Partner

Julia Goulding's Supporting StatementDec 2023

Hi, I'm Julia

I am beyond excited to be applying for the role of Learning and Development Business Partner, here at ShelterBox

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My experience...

Varied and unique, role to role

Willing to take on new challenges

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Adaptable, and flexible

Able to do so much more than buy things

I've worn many hats over the years

My current role...

  • Business Partnership role, working with colleagues from around the organisation
  • I work with everyone from Exec to entry-level colleagues and adapt my approach accordingly
  • I coach and mentor team members, upskilling them so they can meet their own targets
  • By communicating and fostering good relationships, I've been successful in achieving project goals

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Past experiences




Halfords - New starter who's bike was stolen

New range, but do people really know how to use this stuff?

Implementation of store wide training in the form of videos, grab sheets and blogs

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Primark - Colleague License Training


Super user for systems in all companies I've worked for

But why are you apply for this role I hear you ask?

  • I've reflected on what it is that I enjoy from my roles, what motivates and drives me
  • Whilst reflecting, my motivation is driven by a love of working with people
  • I enjoy problem-solving and working collaborativley to find solutions
  • I have a wealth of knowledge and transferable skills to share
  • I would LOVE the oppotunity to work with the L&D team here at ShelterBox

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Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my application

Julia Gouldingjulia_w@live.co.uk

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