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Cancer awareness and screening


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2. Chacon B. 5 things to know about the Instagram algorithm [Internet]. Later Blog; 2017 [cited 2023 Dec 11]. Available from: https://later.com/blog/instagram-algorithm/#:~:text=If%20you%20have%20an%20engaging,more%20time%20to%20watch%20them!

-incorperating an engaging caption which contains a 'more' button to get users to press it, has shown to increase engagement and encourages users of the app read the content. this increases time spent on a post and this way the posts can be boosted to other peoples pages.

Engaging captions -

hastags increase engagement with the audience, hashtags can increase the engagement recieved within a short amount of time which is more important as part of the instagram algorithim compared to how much total engagement recieved. Hence the reason for why we in coperated hastags into our captions.


1. 50+ of the most important social media marketing statistics for 2023 [Internet]. 2023 [cited 2023 Dec 11]. Available from: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-statistics/

-about 30% of instagram users spend the most time on instagram reels hence the reason for why we incoperated reels into our page.-we've focused more on instagram as instagram has 4 times more engagement than facebook


What attracts people to social media posts?

Young people - younger generation have become important in promoting health awareness, for their own benefit but also as advocates for the older generation. By recognizing the early signs of cancer, they can take charge of their own well-being and become a valuable source of support and advice for parents, grandparents, and the older community

Under represented people - ensure all individuals, including those within the disabled and LGBTQ communities who may not recieve recognition. It's important to us that people, regardless of their abilities or sexual orientation, feels seen, heard, and supported in their health journey

Broader community - this includes people who have been affected by cancer such as survivors, caregivers and anyone interested in supporting cancer awareness. this creates a sense of community
Health consious individuals -people who are interested in maitaining a healthy lifestyle as lifestyle factors can influence the risk of getting either of these cancers.
Age and gender neutrality - targeting adults of all ages and both genders who are on social media. Anyone can be affected by cancer & we have tailored this page to the most common types of cancer in the uk.

Our target audience








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Role of a Pharmacist

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Aims and Objectives

Analyse the data to provide a better and more reliable service
Create an interactive and inclusive environment
Provide scientific evidence and reliable resources for patients
Raise awareness for cancer through social media

Aims and objectives

What we are aiming to do

Our topics

Prostate Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Breast Cancer
Bowel Cancer





  • Above anything, our main goal was to make our audience aware about the risk factors associated with each type of cancer we were presenting.
  • Ensuring our platform was a safe space for our followers to learn and educate themselves on a wide range of informative topics.
  • Each individual cancert was posted in a specific colour to help identify and link the posts to one another later on. e.g. breast cancer was pink.
  • We used a structured approach when delivering our content, with each cancer being assigned a specific week.
  • A pattern was established in our posts where we would first intoduce the cancer type, followed by statistics to shed light on the seriousness of the topic.
  • Risks, causes, prevention and screening were discussed in the posts to follow, with colourful diagrams and fun facts.

Risk factors

  • Quizzes made our public campaign more interactive, as shown by the amount of followers that contributed.
  • Weekly quizzes gave us an insight as to how well the information was retained.
  • Correct answers were given majority of the time as followers have been reviewing our content to participate.
  • Repetition is an important element of learning, and one way to repeat content is through quizzes.
  • Quizzes provide a fun way to engage the audience and help provide summative information about progress


  • Stories were shared from other cancer pages
  • Personal stories create human connection through which the audience can learn more, with deeper understanding alongside the informative posts on our page.
  • It boosts follower engagement and allows recognition for similarities more easily and more information to be retained this way.
  • The stories shared were then all made into one highlight so people can view in their own time. This also made our page more organised alonside the different types of highlights we attached. e.g. youtube, support, fun facts.

Personal stories


"I thought the stomach cramps, bleeding and fatigue were 'bad periods' but then I started experiencing pain in left shoulder "


"I was lucky enough to have got a FIT on my 58th birthday"


"In November 2019, age 35, I was lying in bed one night when I had an itch in my left armpit and it felt like a lump"

- To make the public aware of the methods in which bowel cancer is screened. - It is available to everyone aged 60 to 74 years.- Bowel cancer is the 4th most common type of cancer. Screening can help prevent bowel cancer and diagnose at an early stage, when it is easier to treat.- A post about FIT tests provides followers with a brief idea as to what they can expect & support at the end.

FIT kit

Lack of information on who is eligible, not receiving an invite, and gender dysphoria are just some of the barriers that might prevent someone from attending a screening that could potentially find cancer at an earlier stage when it’s more treatable. – support groups were linked at the end of the post

The second post focuses on trans women undergoing hormone treatment and transgender men pre undergoing a massectomy and what their risk is of breast cancer; as well as the following slides explaining that regardless of gender identity self examination should be a priority. In addition to this breast cancer screening come with several barriers for trans and non-binary people.

Inclusivity posts

instagram posts

instagram reels

-Made an instagram post and explained in the bio the range of languages from arabic, bengali, chinese, farsi, gujarati, polish, portuguese, punjabi, romanian and urdu. -Recieve positive feedback in the comments.
Attached linktree link in bio & created highlights on instagram

2. language inclusivity

Accessibility: Not everyone speaks english & using different languages ensures that a diverse range of individuals can access vital information about cancer. Cultural Sensitivity: Better cultural sensitivity as . some cultures may have unique perspectives on health, illness, and treatment. This can allow for the message to be conveyed clearer. Community Engagement: It's crucial to communicate in the persons preferred language. By doing so, we can establish trust and build stronger relationships.

why language diversity is important?

After every post for each cancer there Is a slide for support groups.captions contain additional information

To encourage people and provide easier access to support, we created highlights giving links to general cancer support, young people and cancer, women's cancer organizations, finance support organizations, and most importantly additional cancer support for disabled people. This group is often overlooked, and support groups less spoken of.

Support groups & helping the vunerable

Have you noticed any one these symptoms? Start by keeping track by making a symptom diary of the number of times you have had these symptoms in a week or a month If you notice they occur 12 or more times a month or more than 3 times a week its time to see your gp

40% of women believe that smear tests detect ovarian cancer, however that is not true! X There are a number of different ways to screen for ovarian cancer UP Swipe to learn a few Learning the signs of cancer is the ultimate weapon against it

Importance about the introduction to ovarian cancer post – often the public confuse symptoms of ovarian cancer with other stomach conditions, one way to address this was by including in the post that creating a symptom diary which tracks how many times per week they are experiencing their symptoms they can differentiate the potential causes.

At the end of the post there is sign posting for support services to ensure that if there are further questions they can be resolved. In addition to this chat functions were asked about which may favoured for individuals who prefer not to speak on the phone.

one important key message that we wanted to deliver was the misconception that a smear test can detect whether a person has ovarian cancer. In the caption it has stated 40% of women think that a smear test can detect this. From the positive feed back and questions in the comment this post addressed common misinformation that can be spread and lead to less diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer engagement

Bowel cancer although being the 4th most common cancer in the uk, is less known as a common cancer therefore the visual of how many people are affected is benefical and could explain why this post received a lot of popularity.

These engagement slide posts highlight a few of the most important posts on our account - these posts received the most interaction between us and the public. There were questions concerning being predisposed to getting bowel cancer if they have ibd/crohns and symptoms of bowel cancer which can often be mistaken for other gastro conditions.

bowel cancer engagements

interacting with followers and popular posts

Risk factors – addresses life style modficiations which can be made to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, the responses in the comments showed that a lot of people didn’t know smoking could affect risk of getting ovarian cancer and the extent of the effect of hormone replacement therapy.

More interactions

ovarian and bowel instagram interactions
  • The main message of the youtube video is to highlight main symptoms, red flags and risk factors of bowel, breast, prostate, ovarian.
  • uses actors (patient and doctor) to convey real life scenarios of patients who have experienced similar situations.
  • explains how they would advocate for better prognosis. The youtube video utilises characters of different races, to better resonate with viewers watching

Youtube video

Cancer awareness 2023




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