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How are films financed?

The studio system is a business method where Hollywood movie studios control all aspects of their film productions, including production, distribution, and exhibition. Dominated by the Big Five studios, all personnel including actors, crew, directors, and writers were under contract to the studios.

How are film studios organised today in america?

  • Linear vs non-linear - Classical Hollywood follows linear continuity (except for the occasional flashbacks). New Hollywood plays around with non-linear (Memento, Run Lola Run, etc).
  • Static shots vs POV shots - Classical Hollywood also like the standard medium shots and such. New Hollywood experiments with shots and angles (Panic Room, Requiem for a Dream, etc).
  • Glamorous vs Realistic - Classical Hollywood was all about beauty and glamour. New Hollywood tries to be more gritty and realistic (Heat, The Revenant, etc)

What is the difference between contemporary hollywood to classical hollywood?

  • Competition: the film industry battles intense competition from other entertainment forms, including video games, social media, and sports
  • Rising costs: the cost of porducing and marketing movies and TV shows has been increasing, putting pressure on profitability
  • History and influence
  • The UK has created some of the most influential and loved cinema and television in the world
  • Skilled and versatile workface
  • Infrastructure and financial incentives
  • Size and future growth potential

The structure of British Film Industry

Some of the major studios in modern cinema