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What are the different ways that films are

How are films n america organised?

The studio system in america is a business method where Hollywood movie studios control all aspects of their film productions, including production, distribution, and exhibition. I personally think this is a good way to organise the films and studio spaces to make sure it all runs smoothly.

What's the difference between

Movies that belong to modern cinema (or art-house cinema) are usually character-driven. In contrast to classic Hollywood movies that are story-driven. This means that the narrative of modern movies focuses more on the characters and their psychological state or dilemma.

Classical and contemporary Hollywood?

What's the strengths and

weaknesses of The british film industry?

Strengths of the british film industry:

  • History and influence.
  • The UK has created some of the most influential and loved cinema and television in the world.
  • Skilled and versatile workforce.
  • Unique locations and facilities.
  • nfrastructure and Financial incentives.
  • Size and future growth potential.

Weaknesses of the british film industry:

  • Competition: The film industry battles intense competition from other entertainment forms, including video games, social media, and sports.
  • Rising Costs: The cost of producing and marketing movies and TV shows has been increasing, putting pressure on profitability.

How can independant british films

gain funding using fundraising?

National film commissions and film funds such as BFI, BBC Film, Film4 have funded hundreds of films in the UK. Film4 is a broadcaster but is also commercially funded, whereas BBC Film is publicly funded. That being said, the BFI as a cultural charity allows bigger creative risks with low budget films because they are funded by the National Lottery. On average, the BFI Film Fund invests over £10 million a year on feature films.