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Introducing Buyerdock, in partnership with Byways Group

Byways Group


Established in 1962 and has grown into a global company

1 Billion+

Our combined sites produce over 1 billion labels per year


Supplier of labelling and ticketing to the apparel industry


UK based head office with in-house design and a dedicated support team

RFID Labels

Care Labels

Swing Tickets

Variable Data

Woven Labels

Byways Group



Established in 2019 with the most advanced Digital Product Passport

1 Million+

Over 1 million products using iQRcode™


First tech platform to deliver iQRcode™ and first GS1 partner to use 2D barcodes


Patent pending EU recycle logo generator

Works on all consumer product categories

Automatically translates in any language


Consumers wantmore informationbut after regulations,there is no spaceleft on labels

Barcodes will change to 2D in

The roll-out has already begun with major global retailers currently testing...


Developments are speeding upin France and across otherEU countries.


What if we couldcombine both?

The perfect mix of care instructions and other dynamic content.Accessed with ease and with no app download.

Scan at home,delivering better data

Scan in-store,creating an immersive experience



Showcasingyour brand

The potential to tell your brand story is limitless...

Your sustainability credentials

Demonstrate your active policies and commitments...

Productend-of-life requirements

Help your customers dispose of the packaging with care...

Enabling you to make informed decisions...

Rich customermarketing data

The possibilities are endless...

Drives marketing like never before



Competitions & giveaways

+ Otheropportunities

…keep them safe, now with dynamic content

Add value to your swing tag

The iQRcode™ can update instantly, showing fresh influencer content driven via social media and adverts

Deliver influencer content via the dynamic label

Use social media to drive footfall, scan products to win

Or treasure hunts in store?

Limited only by your imagination


  • All barcodes are transitioning to 2D barcodes in 2027
  • Digital Product Passports are the future of labelling
  • Consumers want to know more product specific information

Byways partnership with Buyerdock to deliver iQRcode™ on apparel labels, delivering 2D barcode technology, consumer app and the DPP will automatically update with and new regulation.