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CommonwealthXVe's et la premiere partie du XXe's L'empire britannique comprenaient les pays qui reconnaisaient le roi ou la reine anglaise comme chef d'etatL'EB etait le plus grands empire de l'histoire avec ses 33 700 000 km2 de territoire pres d'1/4 de la terre Le cmwlth était aussi appeler l'empire sur lequel le soleil ne se couche pas et après la second guerre mondial +sieur pays sous la domination de l'EB ont chercher a obtenir leur indépendance Le cmwlth est composer de 56 pays comme Afrique du Sud , L'Australie, jamaica,Bahamas,Canada,Inde, et d'autresLe Canada La feuille d'érable(maple leaf) est présente presque partout au canada ex : Le drapeau national , les logos d'entreprise de club et d'autres ainsi que des écoles il existe au moins 10 sortes (species) native du Canada chaque race pousse au moins dans une des 10 provinces la maple leaf represente le roi pour les canadiens (elle ne represente pas vraiment une sortes spécificau canada 2 communauté lingustique existe anglophone 60%(English-speaker) et francophone 21% (French-speaker)Le quebec est l'endroit ou le fr est le plus parlerle canada est le 2e plus grands pays apres la russie et il est le pays avec la plus grandes superficies en terme de lacplus la moitier des canadiens possède un diplome universitaire ( pays le plus instruit au monde (most educated)La Jamaïquela jamaique est situé dans (Caribbean Sea, South of cuba)un peu plus que 11 000 km la jamaique a aussi des belles plage et des belles montagnesle pays est diviser en 14 paroisses regroupées en 3 comtés

en jamaique il y a deux 2 types de languages l'anglais et le jamaicainquelque expression marrante Patwa: "Wanti wanti can't get it, getti getti no want it" "The grass is always greener on the other side." Patwa: "Every hoe ave dem tik a bush" "There's someone out there for everyonePatwa: "Gi mi sponge fi go dry up sea" "giving one an impossible task to doX trem sportParagliding is an increasingly popular extreme sport. Jamaica offers a lot of spots and sites where you can do it. Paragliding can be performed all year round. as Jamaica is a Caribbean tropical island, with warm weather with average temperatures between 22 and 30 °C. Paragliders have a non-motorized inflatable wing that they launch manually. For maximum comfort the pilot sits in a harness and Haheline wing to soar upwards on currents of air. It is possible to Stay on for several hours, climb to elevations of 15,000 ft and travel large distances. The current record for staying aloft is 11 hours and the distance record is 300 kilometresVous avez envoyé Paragliding is reliant on what nature provides, but launch sites are always off the side of high- level mountains. Instruction from a certified professional is required at the beginning of the practice and the use of safe equipment is, of course, mandatory But once in flight you will have to use your own intelligence and judgement Vous avez envoyé Before high flights on your own, you will experience a tandem flights with an int Afterwards you will move to low-level flights to learn master the basic techniques of launching, turning, lanon and flying, of course, Safety procedures and parachute deployment are also an imp part of the instruction Vous avez envoyé Paragliding is quite easy to so why then is it consideres extreme sport? Well, parap are in the air, and that airat their natural playing fiel involves some inherent and the safety aspects never be forgotten P checks are atisclytay b Paragliders lives are

Bungee jumping is an extreme sport. You jump from a high building w bridge, a craneor another structure Some people also jump from famous buildings (the Eif fel Tower yeny from movable ob jects thelicopter, hot air balloon) that ho ver above the ground. You are connected to that structure with a large elastic cord You go into free fall, the cord stretches and when the cord recoils, the jumper flies upwards again. The thrill originates in the free fall and the rebounds that occur till the kinetic ener- gy has disappeared. casse-con Millions of daredevils have jumped since 1979 (when the first bungee jump took place). But there have been some fatalities due to cords that are too long. Other problems involving death may be due to failure in the safety har- . Wess or if the cord is badly connected to the platform. Many other injuries happen quite often even in perfectly fit and young people whindi shes, eyesight damage or strokes, attaqua Some jump platforms have a height of more than 320 metres, and higher heights may be reached if the structure is movable. Many films have featured bungee jumps. A famous one is the opening scene of Golden- Eye where James Bond makes a jump over the edge of a dam in Russia. The jump was genuine but it was shot in Switzerland, near Locarno, not in Russia. James Bond jumps from a platform which is 220 metres high

Imagine lots of washed clothes in the laundry just waiting for ironing. But you want to go out with friends and have a nice time. So what to do? Just combine both into an extreme sport! This is XTREME ironing, a sport where people take an ironing board to remote locations and do the ironing refuser pepasser lon buandri Multitasking is a phenomenon that has been In vogue since the turn of the 21st century. And with XTREME ironing men say multitasking is no longer for women only. Men iron while doing other extreme activities like hang gliding, rock climbing or base jumping for instance. XTREME ironing da lide + de bove XTREME is written in capitals to make it more extreme! It's now a sport that is internationally recognized. Mud Olympics The motto for the Mud Olympics is faster, higher and muddier! The Mud Olympics take place once a year in mud flats along the banks of the Elbe River near Hamburg, Germany. The competitions include mud versions of traditional sports like football, handball but also some other weird mud events like the mud snorkelling, the mud-eel race and the long-dis- tance rubber boot toss. The competitions have been played since 1978Body blading or buggy rollin' is an extreme Body bladers wear a plastic roller sut aerodynamic and flexible and has wheels feet, knees, arms and torso. They go dow slopes. Body blading is quite similar to roller a body blader first uses the rollers on his feet to gain speed, but he soon lies on his stom faces the hill slope. To change directions, he his body into various positions. Body bladers can reach very high speeds.


beyond => au delas dehad better => meilleur que fit => rentrer dans un vetementeven tough => bien quehaunted => hantéecrew => équipeterrible => horribleslave => esclaverecord => enregisterwaste => perdre (ex ; jeu d'argents)totrip => trébuchernail => clousilly => bêtehuminglird => colibrisurrounded => entouréreefs => récifssnorkel => plongée avec tubascuba dive => plongée avec bouteillea crane => une gruehot air ballon => mogolfièreto stretche => s'étirerthrill => adrénalinedardevils => casse-coufatalites => fatalfailure => échecsafety hardness => baudrier (harnais)injuries => blessureswhip => fouetterdam => barragegenuine(§djenuine§) => réellaundry => buandrieremote => éloigniésmud => bouemultitasking => multi tachesmotto => slogansteep => raideslope => descentemandatory => obligatoireat stake => en jeu

4 a 6 min (+/- 5 min)5min 42 parfait !!! - Intro (salutation, contexte, 20 sec) - texte (grammaire, prononciation, équitable, se posser des questions, réagir aider répéter, reformule, faire des geste Conclusion récapitaler un peu 20 sec dire en revoirInventersans interaction 1å 2 min Intro (5 a 10 s) / (tell you about,i'm going to talk about) Conclu (5&105) That is) mots clef (pays,adj,transport,météo,date,you know,activité) (écrire par étape de narration)(expression, thank so much, go again)Inventer