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Food Hygiene Inspection


Preparing for your Food Hygiene Inspection



Preparation for Inspection

Check List

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme


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Who and Why

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Who and Why they Visit

They maybe visiting for one of the following reasons:

  1. Sampling
  2. Food hygiene and standard inspection
  3. A complaint follow up
  4. Advisory visit
Inspectors have the right to enter and inspect your premises, and do not need to make appointments. Some premises maybe visited as regular as every six months.

Why are they visiting?

Local authorities are responsible for visiting and checking your premises to make sure you are compliant with the food law and your food is safe to eat.They will look at the followng:

  • Your premises
  • Your food safety management system
  • The types of food you make and prepare
  • How you work
As a manager it is necessary that you ensure your staff are compliant in all the above areas.

Who will be visiting?

Your responsibilities

This is an important part of complying with the food safetyYou need to ensure you have a:

  1. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan
  2. Ensure staff are adequately trained and up to date on Food Hygiene (this can be formal or inform
  3. Ensure staff are adequately trained and up to date on Food Hygiene (this can be formal or informal)

Food Hygiene

Food Safety

You need to ensure the following:

  • The food is safe to eat
  • It is correctly labelled
  • It is as advertised including quality
  • You have traceability of the food - which is on demand when requested
  • You can explain why a food is not availiable
  • Withdraw any unsafe food and complete an incident report
  • Ensure that how you store and cook your food does not make it harmful to eat.
  • You only use approve additives and it does not exceed the recommended level
  • You display your food hygiene rating

What will the inspectors look at?

The inspectors will look at the following areas:

  • Your working premises
  • The kinds of food you produce and prepare
  • How you work and handle the food
  • Your food safety management system
They will check to ensure that your business cover a range of food safety procedures which is based on the HACCP PrinciplesThey will also look into how you handle raw meat and ready-to-eat food, food storage and where, measures your business takes to make sure food is served or sold in a safe manner.

Remember food safety is important!

Food Hygiene Rating

In Wales, you are legally required to display your food hygiene rating. This can be in the front door or window of your premises.

Food Hygiene Rating

What do they mean?

You will be scored on a 0 - 5 rating. 0 -2 being seen as a failing grade and urgent action is neededA score of 5 means you are fully compliant with the the law, and is the best your can get.3 is satisfactory and 4 good

Preparation Check List

In order to help you prepare for your inspection we have included a handy pre-inspection checklist to help everything go smootly on the day.


If you are unhappy with your inspection and food rating you can appeal against it. Yo will need to completet the following steps


Appeal in writing

If you still think the decision is unfair you can appeal in writing to your local authority.


Contact your local authority

Before making an appeal you should find out why you were given that rating to understanding the decision further.

The right to reply allows business to explain to customers how they have improved their food hygiene and if there were any extenuating circumstances on the day of the inspection.. This will also be published online.

Request for a re-inspection can be completed once all the necessary improvments have been made. There maybe a fee for doing so.

If any of your business details were wrong you can request in writing for these to be amended.

Right to reply


Change of business details


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