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Kennedy Washington

Self-Care Toolkit

Holding it in. Prior to this course, my personal self-care was all of nonexistent. I held everything in.

Journaling. Journaling was always a practice that I tried to get into but before this course I never took it seriously.

How I viewed Self-Care:

process: Before This Course


Following this course, I have noticed a huge shift on how I personally define self-care. Before, all it meant to me was feeling like I was doing something, but now it acts as little individual tasks that mean so much to me now.

Shift in Perspective:

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By: Oludara Adeeyo

Favorite Reading:

My favorite include:

Self-Care Strategies


Deep Break

Simplfy Goals

Rewatch TV


Say No

Ignore Phone

Nails and Hair

Making my bed

Venting to a Friend

The two practices that I appreciated the most were first to vent to a friend who validates you. This task allowed me to familiarise myself with my own feelings by mapping out my thoughts. Another strategy that I enjoyed was making my bed in the morning. This task allowed me to feel so productive and motivated for the day ahead. It places a discipline on yourself so that it became easier to complete tasks.


How will this help my professional goasl?

Looking into the Future:


My career goals consist first of me planning to attend law school. I have an urge to know the law hand for hand and use it to the best of my ability. I plan to work within the defense lawers community and will have to use self-care to make sure I have room to know who I am outside of the work field. I will prioritize little task and little things and making them into time in which I can be free and stand down from reputation.
This book, for me, highlighted portions of self-care that I never considered to be self-care. I learned so much about appreciating the little things in my life and shifting my perspective on how different tasks take weight over my day.