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Feedback to feedforward

What is feedback

Can you list different methods ?


Methods of feedback






P - Personal direct your feedback to the learner

I - Impact on progress engagement with prior feedback

J - Judgement state what was effective or less effective

E - Example from the work be specific

When we give feedforward, instead of rating and judging a person’s performance in the past, we focus on their development in the future, (Hirsch, 2018)


Suppliment your feedback

Add additional feedback on a document and upload to Turnitin as added feedback on, even better if...

Verb descriptors

Commenting on the verb descriptors Feedback recognising how much content is required and encouraging examples of practice to further demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.


Highlighting the need in your feedback to proof read your work to check for spelling punctuation and grammar errors. Especially important for progression.

Feedback on referencing

During induction guide to referencing is provided to support assessment wrting and research from credible sources (this counts as off the job hours). Feedforward

Positive feedback....

Looking at an element of the unit they have excelled in, and giving praise to motivate for future work.

Careful thought should be given to how students recieve feedback. For example student motivation, student confidence. Their trust in their teacher. Their ability to recieve and process feedback. Overall we want learners to welcome feedback

Plan for how students will recieve feedback

There may not always be a clear answer when feedback should be given As educators we should be able to judge when immediate feedback or delayed feedback is required. In consideration of the cohort, the individual and the place.




Say thank you

‘What about three areas where you have excelled and three areas for moving forward?’

A great feedback...... Should be a catalyst for future growth and development. When we recieve positive feedback it motivates us to continue and to improve.

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