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Before the Romans, Britain didn’t have access to a supply of fresh running water and their water would have to come from springs or streams. This changed with the arrival of the Romans and their invention of the aqueduct.

Aqueducts were built across Britain to supply the towns and cities with fresh water which prevented people from getting diseases as easily.

As well as the water being used for drinking, it was also used to supply water to the bath houses. Interestingly, farmers also used the water for irrigation.

The aqueducts were also used as part of a drainage system so that dirty water and sewage could be carried away.

Aqueducts were made from pipes, tunnels and bridges which had channels to transport the water. They were also built with a natural slope so that the water would travel continually downwards towards the towns.

Originally, the water would come from a freshwater source such as a river, stream or spring.