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Auteur Information Poster

Does your chosen filmmaker count as a auteur or not?

Auteur Theory

The Auteur theory is a theory of filmmaking in which the director is viewed as a major creative force in a motion picture. It holds that the director oversees all audio and visual elements of the motion picture. Usually if that given filmmaker is considered an auteur it means that they are extremely involved with the making of the film.

Is Edgar Wright an Auteur?

It is no secret that Edgar has a vision when it comes to making his movies and has a very unique style making him stand out. He is very much so an Auteur especially with how many visual and audio techniques he uses in his films. A film that shows a variety of examples of these techniques is Baby Driver which released in 2017. In this movie we see prime examples of the quick pan filming technique which is heavily present within this movie, in the opening scene we are introduced to all the characters and their motivations through close-up quick shots.

How does Edgar approach movies?

When it comes to writing his movies, he takes a very unique approach right from the very beginning before anything is even filmed. This is all to benefit him later down the line when it comes to shooting so he can remember ideas he had thought of. He talks more about it in this interview with how he approaches all these things.