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Cove Onboarding Training

Cove Discounts and Promotions

Our discounts vary from time to time. The normal range is usually 45% - 60%, the detail on a future discount is not known to us as this is being handled by our marketing team. So, if a customer calls in about future discount pricing, it is best to encourage them to purchase when the discount is up and take advantage of the current offer. Site discounts cannot be applied retroactively, which is why it is always best to advise our customers to purchase when a sale is up on site!

Site Discount

For $150 they will get $475 worth of equipment, 6 months' free monitoring, and our 60-day trial period.The Hometown Hereos Program is a program we have in place for First Responders, Teachers, and Military personnel and Veterans. This is our way of thanking them for their service. This discount is exclusive for them, and they will have to submit a document and go through a verification process through VerifyPass. The verification is an automated process and does not go through us. They just need to go to covesmart.com/thanks to submit their documents and qualify

Hometown Hereos Program


As part of our promotion, potential customers also get a code. This code gives them a free key fob once they apply it to their initial purchase. The code is sent through text.

Free Key Fob

To do this, our current customers will send their referral link to their friend or family. This can be found on the home page of the Cove Portal. Once the order ships, both the current customer and the referred friend will get a free month of monitoring.

New Customers:

  • Free month of monitoring
  • $25 off their initial purchase

Current Customers:

  • Free month of monitoring

Our current customers can refer their friends and family to Cove! Once they do, they get:

Referral Program