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A Personal Journey into the World of Nutrition, Gym, and RunningKevin gacitaDecember 5th 2023


Who i am

  • Age: 22
  • Active lifestyle centered around running, weightlifting, and nutrition
  • Previous struggle with weight and unhappiness
  • Transformation initiated through running
Statement of passion
  • Not just a routine, but a profound passion
  • Elements: running, weightlifting, balanced nutrition
  • Journey beyond physical transformation
  • Transformative Experience:
  • Shed unwanted weight through running
  • Became more defined through gym workouts
  • Empowered by mindful nutrition

Social Media and Nutrition:

  • The pervasive influence of social media on how we perceive and choose our food.
  • The trend of presenting food negatively, creating unnecessary fears around certain foods.
  • Negative Portrayal: Many creators emphasise food restrictions, demonizing certain food groups.
  • Filtered Realities: Filters and edits can distort the reality of a balanced and enjoyable diet.
  • Impact on Choices: Influences decision-making, leading to potential unhealthy habits.
Promoting a Balanced View:
  • Realism vs. Idealism: Advocating for realistic portrayals of food to promote a healthier relationship with nutrition.
  • Emphasise your belief in a balanced and positive perspective on food.
  • Encourage others to critically assess information and make choices that align with their individual health goals.
  • Empowering individuals to make informed choices by fostering awareness about balanced nutrition.

Nutrition: The Foundation of a Healthy Lifestyle

Role of Strength Training:Integral to Fitness: Importance of strength training in achieving overall fitness.Foundation for Resilience: Building physical strength contributes to mental resilience.Benefits of Training:Physical Well-being: enhances physical health, promoting muscle development and overall vitality.Mental Well-being: `positive impact on mental health, including stress relief and improved mood.Your Experience:Personal Achievements:Becoming More Toned: Sharing a personal achievement of transforming physique through consistent gym workouts.Empowering Others: Helping friends and family initiate their gym journeys, fostering a supportive fitness community. Gym is not just about physical appearance but is crucial for overall well-being.

Gym - Building Strength and ResiliencE

Benefits of Running:Running contributes to overall physical health, including cardiovascular strength, endurance, and weight management.Positive impact on mental health, such as stress reduction, improved mood, and increased focus.Personal Running Achievements and Experiences: Sub-20-minute 5K, showcasing dedication and progress.Completing mu first half marathon, underscoring the endurance aspect of the running journey.Manchester Marathon for BHF: Participating in the Manchester Marathon, particularly the gratification of running for charitable causes.Encouragement for Others:Embracing Running: Encouraging others to consider running as a form of exercise, emphasising its accessibility and adaptability.Stress Relief: Highlighting the stress-relieving benefits of running, both physically and mentally.Community Engagement: Encouraging participation in running events for personal growth and community engagement.

Running - Discovering the Joy of Movement