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Presenter:Paula Grizet Mazo V.


Ai Support in Various Fields

Innovations That Changed the World

Today, we'll explore how AI is shaping and supporting these professions.

In our fast-paced technological landscape, AI is rapidly evolving and finding applications in diverse fields such as:

Crime Investigation



AI Support in People's Jobs in Different Fields

Mid Journey

/imagine Promt: Yellow Flowers in bloom, flower garden, vivid colors, color grading, yellow, morning light, dslr, shot on 70mm, shadow effects, f/22, high angle, 8k, photorealistic, hyper detailed, uplight --ar 9:16 --q 2 --v 4

AI can create personalized web pages, generate paintings, and illustrations efficiently using prompts. It translates information into visuals that align with the desires of designers and business owners.

AI enhances creative processes in arts and design.

AI in Arts/Designing Jobs

Finance AI apps:


Tech Trader

Trend Spider

Black Box Stocks

Trade Ideas

AI plays a crucial role in providing real-time information about stock fluctuations.

It can autonomously make investment decisions based on programmed algorithms. However, it still requires human expertise for nuanced management.

AI in Finance (Stocks)

Evidence Analysis: Rapidly analyzes vast amounts of evidence, helping investigators identify patterns and connections.

Predictive Policing: Analyzes historical crime data to predict potential crime hotspots, enabling proactive law enforcement measures.

DNA Analysis: Efficiently processes old DNA samples, improving suspect identification and solving cold cases.

AI contributes significantly to crime investigation and government support.

Facial Recognition: AI utilizes advanced technology to identify and track individuals, assisting law enforcement in locating and apprehending suspects.

AI in CrimeInvestigation

AI continues to reshape fields like education and healthcare, promising a future where innovation aligns with responsibility.

As AI evolves, understanding its roles is crucial. Embracing its potential requires a balance of innovation and ethical considerations.

Today, we've explored how AI transforms arts, finance, and crime investigation, highlighting its versatility in designing, investing, and solving complex cases.