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Krampus: I didn't steal any globe! I'm not a monster...well, okay, I'm a monster, but I still didn't do it! And I can prove it!I couldn't have stolen the globe because I was in the forest "collecting" reindeer! If you look into it you'll discover I'm telling the truth!I've been keeping them out back in a rectangular prism shaped cage!

Krampus: See? I'm just hungry! I would never steal the Grand Luminous Globe! I love that festival!If you want to know who I think stole the globe, I'd check on that Abominable Snowman! I don't trust him at all!

Larry the Abominable Snowman: Oh, hello there! I don't see too many outsiders around these parts! I've been busy remodeling my cave. I'm putting in a new floor this year!

Abominable Snowman: That was a lot of fun! I haven't been down from my mountain in years! The people in the town can see me coming from a mile away and they always yell so loud I just run away and hide! I'm actually a big baby!Speaking of big babies, if you see my friend Ralphie around, will you tell him I said hi?

Ralphie: I can't talk right now! I've been tuning into my favorite radio show every day this month to try and track the hidden message! I have almost all of the message decoded, but I can't figure out this last letter! If you'll help me, I promise to share the secret decoder ring with you!

Ralphie: That's it? Ah gosh! I thought it was going to be a real detective story! What a ripoff! At this rate, I'll never be a real detective like you!I heard a story on the radio about this guy Hans Gruber at Nakatomi Tower causing a lot of trouble. I'd go and check it out myself, but I'm grounded.

Hans Gruber: I can't talk right now! Can't you see I'm busy? I've been running from John McClane all night! I'm going to race to the top of Nakatomi Tower before he can catch me!I can't for the life of me remember how many floors there are!

Hans Gruber: Ah! He's too fast! I'm not going to make it! Get out of here before you slow me down any further! I've no idea what you're even talking about with some silly globe. I've far bigger targets to worry about!Go find that pest Jack Frost in his frozen palace! He seems like the sort to collect such silly trinkets!

Jack Frost: Did you turn on the fireplace? Don't you think it's a little warm? I like to keep it a comfortable 32 degrees in here! Jack Frost has a circle of wintery ice on the floor.

Jack Frost: There, that's already starting to feel better! I haven't seen the Luminara Globe in years. It radiates too much heat for me!I saw a couple of guys sneaking around outside everyone's houses the other day. Looked like they were up to no good! The newspaper said they were calling themselves the Wet Bandits!

Harry: Marv don't say anything to this guy!Marv: They won't get a thing out of me! I won't tell them anything about each of us breaking into houses all over town!Harry: Marv...Marv: What? I set up a super secret combination that's so complex they'll never solve it!

Marv: I don't know how they figured it out, Harry! They're some kind of detective super genius!Harry: I could tell you how they figured it out Marv. They've got bigger problems than us. We didn't steal any Globe! I saw some kid and his dog walking around town looking suspicious!

Snoopy's house got knocked over by a snowdrift, but we're building him a brand new one! I just need to figure out the size!

Thanks! Snoopy will be so happy to have a warm place to sleep tonight! We're going to have a cool dance party!Sorry I can't help with the Luminara Globe. Rudolph flies all over town with that bright nose, so maybe he saw something?

Gosh! I heard about the missing Globe! I've been flying all over the place looking for it! There's just so much to keep track of!

I flew all over town, but I couldn't find the globe! Maybe it's inside one of the stores? You should check with my Elf friend Buddy and see if he's seen anything!

If there's one thing I love more than making toys, it's sweets! I was just making some chocolate chip waffles. I'll share some of my stack, but if you want to make some as well we can talk about your Globe afterward?

Those waffles were pretty good! Next time I'll add more jelly beans and marshmallows!Oh, the Luminara globe? I thought I saw it around here somewhere, but the boss, Mr. Scrooge, took it with him back to his vault!

Ah yes, the Luminara Globe. A priceless artifact in need of protecting! You see, I didn't steal it. I merely wanted to ensure nobody else could have it. For safe keeping, I assure you! I've turned my life around! I'm giving away all this to the people of Luminara!

As I'll show you, the globe is right here in my safe...No! Wait! It's missing! Where did it go!There's only one creature foul enough to have broken into my counting house, cracked open the safe, and stolen the globe!High atop the mountain overlooking Luminara, you'll find The Grinch! He's the one you've been looking for!

Drat! You've found me and that dreadfully bright globe! I see you've already called the Luminara Police to help you! Well we'll see how fast they can get here!

Fine fine! You can have the silly Globe and these presents. I'm moving to the Bahamas anyway! It's far too cold here!

An equal number of people begin filling the great hall to view the Luminara Globe. The number of people is represented by the expression below. How many people viewed the Globe?

Thank you for helping the people of Luminara! Congratulations on solving the mystery! Your brilliant detective work will forever be remembered!