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An interactive listening lesson


Is healthy eating key to saving our planet?

An interractive listening lesson.

Learning Outcomes

1. To improve memory recall.

3. To improve literacy, accuracy and fluency.

4. Create visual content & practice speaking using the new vocabulary learnt.

5. Encourage learner autonomy.

2. Listening out for key vocabulary whilst simultaneously reading & responding to collection of rapid fire questions.

Lesson Overview

Answer Garden

Listening task: YouTube

Homework:Instagram post!

Vocab: Puzzle


Answer Garden

Click here!

Vocabulary: Puzzle

Click here!

Listening task: YouTube

Play the video & answer the questions (don't forget to click full screen mode)!

Transcript here!

Download Language Reactor for free & Watch the video on Google Chrome!

Padlet: Debate!

Scan the QR code or click here!


Homework: Instagram post!

1. Click here to create your instagram post!

2. When you're done on Instagram, click here!

TOP TIP! After recording yourself speaking... did you notice any mistakes whilst speaking? Write down your speech word-for-word and use the 'SKELL' tool to help you re-form your sentence to correct any verbal hiccups! Good luck!

Once you're done filming, upload it to Instagram!5. Click on the '+' icon to discover your new log-in details to your new account.6. Follow the attachment link to 'Instagram' & sign-in to post your video!

1. Go to your fridge.2. Choose your favourite healthy food.3. Take a video of your food whilst speaking outloud to your audience & tell them what you love about it! 4. Discuss in a few sentences why is it good for you + why should others also be encouraged to eat it? Dont forget to use the new vocabulary you learnt today!

Upload a video of your favourite healthy food!

What's in your fridge?

Login details: Username: HealthyEating101Club Password: SaveThePlanet101 You can make as many posts as you like!

Could you improve your language skills?Use the online 'Sketch engine' to help you find out!


  • Click on the link!
  • e.g, Type 'Digestion' into 'SKELL'
  • How many other ways can this word be used in a sentence under 'Examples'?
  • Next, What other verbs could you use with 'digestion' as an 'object'? Click on 'Word sketch' to find out!

Here are some sentence examples from 'SKELL'!