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1H-Close the dialogue

Conversation example


A: Hello, it’s nice to meet you in person so we can talk about your new project. Can you tell me a little more? What would you like to accomplish? B: We’d like to offer training to all of our staff. Both the CEO and I want them to be great negotiators! That’s why we’re having this meeting. A: That sounds like a wonderful idea. And how can we help you reach your goals? B: We’re interested in a full-time immersion for our entire team. We’d like to focus on just this skill for one week at least. A: So, if I understand you correctly, you’d like your entire creative team to focus only on this training, during all their normal working hours. For a week or perhaps more. Is that right? B: Yes, but we can only do it during one of the weeks when business is usually slow. But yes, that’s the idea and, neither Saturdays nor Sundays are available for the training, so that would be from Monday to Friday. A: That’s definitely something we can do. We can offer you a one-week training session with those conditions. We’ll add a second trainer so that your team can work in small groups. What do you think? B: Great! But since we’re a large team and we are planning our training well in advance, I was wondering if you could also provide us with an extra session on negotiations in English. For the same price… A: I think I should talk with my boss about it. B: How much does it cost? A: Let me run the number with her and get back to you. I’ll try to twist her arm.