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1. CM Planning & Assessment

If you are responsible for change management or collaborating with the client's team, you will start as early as the Assess phase. You'll do the following activities under CM planning and assessment. Go to the next page to go through the tasks in detail.








Strategize and plan for CM

Assess change impact & readiness

Updatekey controls

Determine and communicate work content and job impact

1: CM Planning & Assessment (contd.)

3. Update key controls

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4. Determine and communicate work content

1. Strategize and plan for change management

2. Assess change impact and readiness

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You'll start with reviewing the client's business and then creating a plan for change management. You must assess the scope of change and its impact on the business, stakeholders, and jobs and communicate to the executive committee or leadership.

After reviewing the client's business, discussing the project communication plan, and drafting the change management proposal, the team and you'll: 1. Review process change and its impact on the user group and process.2. Determine overall business impact by process area and impact of non-compliance with new processes. 3. Schedule and execute impact change reviews with each group.

This is the final task of under the CM planning and assessment activity. You'll: 1. Review existing work content and job roles, and determine the impact of changes on them.2. Update work content materials based on revised roles, job descriptions, and other collaterals.3. Review updates with impacted users and management, and the HR team (for future updates and maintenance).

During the project implementation, changes in roles are expected. With that, there will be changes in the level of authority or clearances. Before it happens, here is what you'll need to do: 1. Review and update existing key controls after determining the impact of process change on key controls.2. Submit key controls for review and approval with stakeholders. 3. Evaluate the effectiveness of key controls and update them. Create a summary of key control changes and review them with executives.

You'll need to plan for the change management carefully to make sure that people get aligned with the idea of change. This process starts from the Assess phase itself. You'll: 1. Review the client's business plan, charter, project goals, and past projects. 2. Discuss executive communication for the project communication plan. 3. Discuss the client's expectations for process change, draft proposed change management activities, and determine change management staffing.