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  • Offer details sent to me on email upon creation on SF (Temporary until my excel reports are on SF)
  • Candidate and client onboard forms on docusign with data that autofills to the relevant fields once completed, button for consultants to push and send to recipients or have this as a function through the contractor portal (This would be better)
  • Software that allows compliance verification such as passport etc to be done by the candidates directly – through contractor portal ideally (https://onfido.com/solutions/verification-suite/) If not then we need to have separate sections for certain uploads so that if it registers as filled the system sees it as ticked off or maybe even make the ticklist a mandatory pop up after uploading so they can tick what they’ve just uploaded.
  • If we get a software for candidates to log their personal uploads we could incorporate the COA and opt in/out to conduct regulations and other things like insurance expirys as an added service so the system can log this info and let us and the contractor know when their insurance expires so if they are placed again we know to get new certificates from them (Pardot)
  • Onboarding statuses and triggers with notifications (Between me, Nahim & consultants)
  • Once a placements status has changed to onboarded Invoice amounts and charge/pay rates cannot be changed by consultants. Any changes at this stage need to be requested on chatter and changed by me
  • Automated email sent to contractors when status changed to onboarded letting them know they’ve been setup with Quba (Not the intro email this is the email the consultants usually send)
  • Integrate contractor portal with Quba assignments for details to pull over as soon as onboarded (Like it does with consultants and the website)
  • Section for contractor portal logins on candidate profiles – Once intro set up is done button to send new intro email that pulls username and password from fields
  • Integrate timesheet portal with contractor portal
  • Trustpilot and SF integration so Trustpilot auto sends reviews based off new placements
  • Extensions sent to me on email upon creation on SF
  • Revisit VAT and self bill expiry as I don’t have faith that the trigger Diago put in place is actually working. I think we need to re-do that whole process. VAT registration needs to be logged on SF either by the consultant or by the candidate (Software) I then need to be notified by system and set it up on Quba and then tick its done on SF which generates an expiry date a year later from the date of tick. Then I can pull a report to check expirys coming up for the week and notify the contractors accordingly
  • This is probably in the works but we need it set up so that if an approver is changed on SF it changes on Quba or vice versa. Just so that the consultants are not having to message me to change on Quba and then also go change on SF. If I can change on Quba and it pulls through to SF that would be better.
  • Button to send emails to those who are about to receive a welcome pack requesting that they post on socials. Can be in the intro section that only ops can access
  • Reference request button that sends a docusign form to hiring managers when contractors leave their contract
  • Overall onboarding rating system on placements, can have rating of 1-5 based off of how smooth the onboard was and maybe a ticklist of reasons (ie. Late, missing info, missing docs etc) then can pull a report based off of consultants averages and we can see who needs to improve and where the improvements need to be made (Reviews too for Customer Care)
  • Proper course & training tracker intergrated with Hibob so ops can have a proper game plan for new hire inductions to departments (https://www.hibob.com/integrations/360learning/)


  • Report on SF with all the criteria needed for priorities report including new placements eligible for welcome packs (Need to be able to have separate according to Brand ie. SOLS)
  • Report on SF matching criteria for offers deals and starters (Need calculations for weeks of contract and also WP eligibility) (Need to be able to have separate according to Brand ie. SOLS)
  • Reference report – Need to have ability to remove signed off candidates from the report. Is there a way of selecting specific candidates to show on a report? Instead of using generalized filter? Eg. If we have a candidate that’s technically a new placement but have placed before and already has 2 refs it doesn’t need to be on the report but will automatically show as it’s a new placement.
  • CV source report has now been automated and a weekly email set up to go out to directors
  • Contract book report on SF (We would need an automated process to track extensions and finishers) This would need to tie in to the report taking over from End dates and extensions on Priorities and starters
  • Reference report on SF – This is a bit tricky as the way it is at the moment you cant really pull a report that include placements with 1 reference already uploaded. Either have to pull all which shows placements with 2 or can pull with none. Might be worth change this to a picklist so its 1 field with options 0 to 2 references. Will make pulling a report easier however don’t know how this will tie into
  • Perm report (Need to be able to pull report on placements missing start dates, is the only thing missing for me to get this off SF)


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