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tim burton

is tim burton a auteur

Johnny depp was in a lot of tim burtons movies because tim burton felt that johnny could protray a dark but tender character within his flms and he was correct. https://movieweb.com/johnny-depp-tim-burton-movie-collaboration/#:~:text=Burton%20wanted%20Depp%20because%20he,released%20mostly%20highly%20successful%20collaborations.

Tim burton has his own unique style when it comes to his movies. he always has a more gothic art style with dream like settings, heavy makeup and distortion. he also has dark plotpoints and reacurring use of the same actors within his movies. his work is instantly recognisable by many. in most of his movies he is the main driving force creating the gothic horror style and visuals. tim burton often uses a unique style of mise en scene within the interesting use of colour as he uses distinct colour contrasts within his movies.https://www.registerednursern.com/tim-burton-and-auteur-theory/

what is the auteur theory

The auteur theory is a theoretical approach to saying that the director is the main inspiring force that goes into creating a movie.The auteur add their own trademark unique style to the movie when creating the movie.the three components of the auteur theory is, technical compitence, distinguishable personality and interior meaning.