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Auteur Theory Research

Kathyrn Bigelow

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The Hurt Locker (2008)

Blue Steel (1990)

Point Break (1991)


Kathryn Bigelow would often have shots that interrupt any scene that establish a certain aesthetic or theme related to the plot. These scenes would transition from one to the next and are most often done in slow motion. They stay focused on a particular object and the purpose is to make the audience maintain a consistent focus as the plot moves foward.

Short Slow Motion Sequences:

After doing some research on Director Trademarks in Kathyrn Bigelow's filmography, I had came across a list of the most notable ones: These are.

Shot slow motion sequencesSocially/Politically sensitive plots Quick shots of close upsHuge focus on foreground and background to create energy Man lead plot

Does Kathyrn Bigelow have a distinctive style?

Bigelow has often commented on how all people should be judged by their work and not by their gender. However, Bigelow does not use her films to directly comment on these issues. Instead, she chooses to have her films tell stories with a woman’s perspective on contemporary male-dominated society.

The Hurt Locker (2008)

Detroit (2017)

K19: The Widowmaker (2002)


Man Lead Plot:

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This idea originated in the French New Wave where people developed the concept of the filmmaker as an artist. The German filmmaker, Max Reinhardt, came up with the idea of the auteur and then later on, director François Truffaut popularized it.

Auteur theory is that idea where the director is the 'author' of a movie and states that the director has a distinguishable personality and artistic vision that makes their work easily recognisable.

What is Auteur Theory?

One of the ways Bigelow injects energy into her films is the way she frames or focuses on her characters. She often puts her characters in the midst of a lot of activity that is taking place in both the background and the foreground. She then uses the camera’s lens to focus on the main character(s) while obscuring what is happening around them.

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Blue Steel (1990)

Detroit (2017)


Huge focus on foreground and background :

Personally, I think that Bigelow should be recognised as an auteur. This is because she's written, directed and produced many of her films and they all show off a unique style. Her written work all follow the same idea as they would always focus on a woman's perspective of a male dominated society. Her directing style is also noticeable in her storytelling and so she's definitely a filmmaker who really stands out.

Is Kathryn Bigelow an auteur?