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What Is Auteur Theory? French word which translates to the English, “Author”. In the cinema context, the word auteur is used to describe.


Edgar WrightEdgar Wright - Is a brithish filmmaker which he is known for his unique style and his approaches to filmmaking.He has directed alot of films which these have included:Shaun the dead, Hot fuzz and Baby driver which Baby driver was actually one of my faviourte films he has done.Wright's films are often charactizied by thier fast paced editing, use of music and lastly genre-bending storytelling.He also uses quick pans, rule of thirds, and shot types hat suite the scene to create a visually appealing experince.

Edgar WrightWright’s editing style is particularly noteworthy, as it often involves a montage of short clips with enhanced sounds to make it feel more over the top. Wright’s films are known as The Cornetto Trilogy, which is a set of three movies that are based on the political ideas of the French. All of his films are comedies, they may change but they are all mostly still just comedies. Edgar Wright can be considered an auteur due to his unique style of filmmaking, which is evident in his recurring filmmaking conventions and editing style.