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  • In 1617 George Villers became the Earl of Buckingham. As the higher-ups favoured him so much.
  • When George was the Earl, he met James, and they became close. He was James’s advisor until he died.
  • He was promoted in 1632. This is when he became the Duke of Buckingham.
  • George met Charles and they bonded. Charles favoured George very much.
  • Because of Charles’s influence, George’s battles were always funded, no matter the outcome.
  • He frequently lost battles and destroyed negotiations.

Charles 1

george villers duke of buckingham


The consequences

As he frequently lost battles, many disliked him - specifically parliament. They were angry they had to fund him and thought he was 'intermeddling with the great affairs of state'Many member of the public disliked him too. He was heavily distrusted.

Parliament was re-opened for a very short time, and then immediately dissolved.

Jan 1629

George was assassinated. Charles 1 was devastated!

Aug 1628


June 1626

Parilemt began to impeach the Duke of Buckingham

June 1626

Charles 1 dissmissed parliment to save George.


Heavy taxing started: Charles legalised monopolies - which was a crime


Charles taxed those who didn't attend his coronation which caused much uproar.


He started taxing 'ship money'

Ship money and taxes

Ship money

Charles's most famous tax, many despised him for it - but what was it?

It required the taxed to provide Charles 1 with a certain amount of warships.

You could either provide a number of warships or pay the money they'd cost.

As he was quickly losing money, this was a strategical move.

Between 1634-38 he was getting around £150,000 yearly from ship money.

In 1637 John Hampden protested against ship money. Many realised John was right and protested too.

In 1641 parliament re-grouped and ship money was declared illegal

  • This caused extreme prostest and unrest between England and Scotland
  • The majority of Scotland soon despised Chares for it

man trying to celebrate the new prayer book being attacked

the scots new prayer book

Charles tried to impose a new prayer book on the Scots without asking parliament or the Kirk.

Whats wrong with that?

  • It was religiously imposing
  • The Scots had no say
  • Charles tried to make them use it for the coronation
  • The Scots instantly protested

Many thought Charles was trying to push Anglicanism on the Scots

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