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Forms represent specific documents that are usually used as control points in processes. They are records that document compliance with the QMS and ensure that activities are performed consistently. Records are submitted during audits, which are regular assessments of the QMS to ensure that it is operating effectively and efficiently.


Referenced documents define the effective planning, operation, and control of processes as conformance of company products and engineering services.

Referenced Documents

Quality Manual

A statement of the organization's commitment to quality, and the goals and objectives of the QMS. It defines quality objectives that MAK-System strives to achieve.


Detailed instructions that provide guidance on how to perform specific tasks. Work instructions define how jobs are accomplished and provide step-by-step instructions for employees to follow.

Standard Operating Procedure

Documented procedures that describe how specific tasks and processes should be carried out. SOPs define activities at the departmental level and ensure that processes are performed consistently, efficiently, and effectively.