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Report writing in Panacea has changed

Why have changes been made?

You asked for them. We listened and have made changes to enable:

  • Less writing and admin.
  • Less unintended bias.
  • Easier MDT meetings.
  • Easier decision making.

Change 1: Observation

Clinical notes added when scoring observations.

  • Clinical notes added to observations will automatically pull through to the DSM-Summary tab and the report appendix.

Change 2: DSM-Summary

DSM-Summary tab.

  • This tab automatically brings together scoring and clinical notes from the History (ADIR) and Observation (ADOS) tabs.

Change 3: Report

Changes to the way Reports are displayed.

  • The display order: Observation (ADOS) comes before History (ADIR).
  • A Clinical Appendix is created for Trusts containing all clinical notes.
  • You only need to add a summary for Observation (ADOS) and History (ADIR).

What do I need to do differently?

  • Score your observations and make brief notes underneath, clearly evidencing your scoring
  • Add a summary of the Observation in the Report tab.
  • Replace the detailed descriptive History (ADIR) report with a summary, giving your clinical opinion.

How do I write notes and summaries?

The clinical leadership team have created a guide to writing:

  • Clinical notes
  • ADIR / observation summaries
  • Final summary MDT outcome
This guide includes further links to summary examples and writing from a neuroaffirmativeperspective.

A guide to writing clinical notes and summaries

"We hope these changes will result in reduced report writing time, and easier MDT prep for your straightforward cases!"

What the project team says:

Take a deeper dive with the Product Team.

Watch the demo [4m 52s]

Further support

Read more about how to write clinical notes and summaries.

Read the guide

Panacea will continue to be improved. Changes will be communicated on Slack and through team leads. You can suggest ideas too: #product-suggestions

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