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Tim Burton

Auteur or a good director?

My starter conclusion

I believe that Tim burton is a fantastic creator, animatior and director to his movies. So much in fact that i strongly belive that Tim is one of many outstanding Auteurs. He is an idividual thinker who creates ideas so outside the box of normality it is compelling. Throughout this presentation i'll break you down the 3 components of the Aueteur Thoery and how exactly Tim Burton is fitting to each element.

technical competence
interior meaning
Distiguishable personality

Three components of Auteur Theory

- unmistakeable peronality and style - personal connection to the storyline

- further meaning to the movie - corrilates to their past

- their in multiple components in filmkaing - top of their crafts in technical filmmaking abilities

Whats Tims personal connection to charcters/storylines?Tim Burton has always had a personal pull with his charatcers Jack Skellington, from Nightmare before Christmas. He belives that: "characters that is percieved as dark but is really light" reminds him of his younger self when he was turned away from society becuase his unique way of thinking and creations.


What was Tim's unmistakable style?No dout once you hear someone mention Tim Burton you'd immediately think dark gothicism and disturbing charaters. Tim Burton loves to divert his charcters to the artistic skills of German expressionism where connontationally he uses german expressionism to show the audience the artisits (Tim's) inner feelings or ideas over replicating reality

jack skellington

interior meaning

Did Tim impliment any of this past with chracters in his films?All maincharacters were concidered as outcasts in Tims films with thier unusual personalities and apperance. Tims childhood was in constant grief from the feeling like an outcast from other children. Tim wanted to create characters that also stuggle with fitting into their society and building that void of being 'different' into his films.Was there any further meanings to his movies? One example is Edward Sizzorhands garden, although his character was condemmed from his society he developed that gental and nurturing enviroment by himself becuase that is exactly who was. No matter how dark or grusome Edward may have been on the outside he is a kind and nurturing soul.

Edward sizzorhands and his garden

Tims other jobs throughout his carrer
  • Animator
  • Director
  • Creator
  • illistrator
  • Autour

technical competence

Whats Tim's multiple crafts in his filmaking techniques?Tim Burtons Technical abilities that has become his stadpoint in his movies was: flashbacks, high key lighting and dolly tracking. Many of these were implimented into his movies but here are some examples.Flashback = edwards being created High key Lighting = the introduction to the chocolate facotry Dolly tracking shot = frankenweenie and victor walking together down the pathway