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Why is tim burton an auteur director

All of Tim Burtons films: corpse bride Edward scissor hands Mrs peregrines home for peculiar children dark shadows big fish Frankenweenie Alice in wonderland Charlie and the chocolate factory Batman Beetlejuice Sweeny Todd

what is the auteur theory?

The Auteur theory was created by a french dircetor called Francois Truffaut, and he created this theory by being a critic for multiple french films once he had his results he argued that the best films were made by those who wrote and directed their own film whilst also having their own unique style. However within the cinema context, the word auteur is used to describe a filmmaker who has high level of control across all aspects of a film.The film critic Andrew Sarris said to be Auteur you have to be:1.Technical competence 2.Distinguishable personality3.eternal meaning

technical competence

For a director to be technically competent, they must have show that they are passionate about there films and what they do by having multiple job rolls in their own films. Tim Burton definetly ticks this box since in his career Tim Burton has been a director, producer, writer, animator, and a puppeteer all for his own films. For example in his film the nightmare before Christmas, Tim did not really do any directing because he was busy working on Batman, but what he did do was some of the animation and style types for the characters aswell as also writing the poem this film is based on. So if you ask me that makes him very passonate since he juggled making two films at the same time and did different roles for each of these films, since he animated the nightmare before christmas whilst directing Batman.

what jobs has Tim Burton done for his films: Director Producer puppeteer animator screen writer artist

Distinguishable personality

For a Auteur filmaker to have distinguishable personality it means that its obvoius to someone watching a film whos fim this is. For example they would be able to tell who created the film from the colour astestics, the casting, the genre, era of the film etc. This is one characteristic that Tim Burton definetly has, when you watch a Tim Burton film is extremely reconigsable from the style, the charcter, casting and more. One of the most obvoius tells that your watching a Tim Burton film is if it stars Johnny Depp playing a gothic like character. Tim Burton has made Johnny Depp the main character in around six of his films. Such as Alice in wonderland, Sweeny todd, Edward scissor hands, charlie and the chocolate factory and more.Another way that Tim Burtons films are recognisable, is threw the fan lore that mostly all of his animation films are in some way linked. All his animated films have the same gothic halloween like settings with usually the same plot of two lovers that are similiar in each of his films whilst also having a dog compainon . There are fan based theorys that all of his films are set in the same cinematic universe and go in a time order. There recongisable because they have an almost abnormal creepy mood to them compared to other animated films.

internal meaning

Tim Burtons style is as ive said, so easily recognisable, and its described as that gothic asthetic. Tims films always have the same result and features, its a gothic setting with similar eerie characters that always end up having a happy ending. Its like his films are normal in the aspects of having main protagonist that is surrounded by a full cast , they go through problems that build up to the climax but at the end of the film theres usually always a good resul. But all the while that this is happening the setting and characters are all gothic and monster like. This is what sets him apart from other directors because he creates the stories about the monsters/outcasts and he create them a happy ending unlike other aniamted films. You could assume that Tims internal meaning is to bring life and shed light on the characters that we would normally see as a villain, and perhaps he likes his films to be different from others by having asthetically unpleasing charcaters.