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fire safety and prevention

prevent yourself from burning yourself

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fire causes

some common causes to fires, whether it be electrical or gas, could be: frayed wires, employee misuse in the workplace, overloading, gas, combustibles like paper wood or cardboard, and most improtantly of all, human error!

different fire extinguishers

you would think there's a single fire extinguisher for every fire, but your'e wrong. there's 6 types of extinguishers for 6 types of fire: AFF foam for wood/petrol fires, water for wood fires, wet chem for wood/cooking fires, CO2 for flammable liquid/electrical fires, dry powder for wood/petrol/gas/electrical fires, and finally, L2 & M28 powder for metal fires.

types of fire

there are 6 types of fire that could happen at anytime, anywhere: first, there's wood fires. then there's electrical fires and petrol fires, all of which are easy to deal with, then there's metal fires and cooking fires, as well as flammable gases like propane.

how to prevent fires

to prevent fires, you or employers could: carry out fire risk assessments, putting appropriate fire measures in place, providing staff with fire info and training, and you could inspect your fire doors to see if they still work. or you could just use the appropriate fire extinguisher

evac procedure

1: stop what you're doing2: leave the building at the nearest fire exit3: head to assembly point4: stay at assembly point untill told so

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now you know fire safety and preventions of fire, so now you know not to burn yourself, and that your life is more important than whatever your'e woking on