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A Job for me

Bernardo Cadete, nº4 do 12ºBInglês2023/2024


My name is Bernardo, I ́ m 18 years old, I study in Sardoal and I ́ m in ye12º, I like Watching and playing football.

•Name: Bernardo Cadete;• Age: 18;• School: Agrupamento de Escolas de Sardoal;• School Year: 12º;• Interests / hobbies: Watching and playing football.


• My best subjects are English, team sports and individual sports; • The subjects I like the most are English and Sports.


• Portuguese: Average; • English: Excellent; • Integration Area: Average; • Physical Education: Excellent; • Individual sports: Excellent;• Team sports: Excellent;• Sport: Good;• Mathematics: Average;• Gym sports: Excellent;• Study of movement: Good;

Academic Performance

• My Dream job is to be a Assistant coach because a because I've been following football for a long time and it's one of the things I can't live without. .

Dream Job

My features for this job: I m calm, friend of the friend and I like to work alone.

Dream Job

- I want to work because I want to buy all the things I want; - I hope to get a good job in order to be happy on; - I need to work to have a confortably life.


• In my opinion the most important aspects to consider in a job are working with friendly people; • Good pay; • I think starting late and travelling a lot are the least important aspects of a job.