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  • People don't know what secondary glazing is
  • Other eco/noise solutions chosen instead
  • Low search volume
  • Targeting correctly with limited data (domestic)
  • Huge untapped potential for homeowners
  • Low market saturation=room to grow
  • Target consumers buying completely different products to solve the same problems




  • Mismatch between cutting edge product and dated online presence (rise of socIal as search)
  • Lack of adaptation for rise of LLMs
  • Limited ad visibility
  • Automation? - no email after requesting a quote
  • Trustpilot - unreplied 1 star review from January
  • Case study content
  • Statistical evidence
  • Solves common consumer problems
  • Market-leading product in quality
  • Word-of-mouth referrals/brand advocacy
  • Cost-effective
  • Average 4.8 star reviews on Google
  • Top 3 ranking for 56 keywords
  • Well established brand for trade/commercial
  • Active on business/trade events circuit
  • Accreditations


Priority 4: Trust

  • Strongest area currently
  • Online brand reputation management - automated review requests, regular checking and replying.
  • Nurture sequences

Priority 1: Awareness

  • Google Display and Search ads (responsive, affinity targeting and custom affinity targeting)
  • Optimising content for SERPs
  • Social Media (keyword optimisation, hashtags, short form video content Tiktok and Instagram)
  • Backlink strategy
  • Press releases (e.g. Journolink)
  • Expanding keyword strategy - target most searched secondary glazing and new problem/solution
  • Specificity
Priority 2: Ease of purchase/customer journey
  • Google shopping presence
  • Tiktok shop?
  • Website UX
  • Messaging
  • Auto message response with enquiry next steps
Priority 3: Encourage Action
  • Retargeting

Overall strategy

How Will I Use Barbour ABI?

Lead Generation

1. Ensure chosen CRM is compatible with Barbour ABI or use Zapier.2. Build targeted contact lists based on current planning (segment by location, category e.g. commercial, build phase and value).3. Responsive, targeted and personalised nurture campaigns with messaging based on information.4. Email blasts for projects with short timelines and direct rather than automated contact for those with highest potential value.5. Track success and redefine targeting and messaging.

Overall: Monitor reach, engagement, lead source, CPC and ROIMake incremental changes, track and adapt Google Ads Performance Planner and AI

  • Use at least monthly to optimise budgets and bids
  • Create separate plans for each marketing objective for best incremental conversions
  • Set bids and budgets using non-last click conversions to allocate budgets that drive incremental conversions
  • Regularly check plan - closer to plan date = more reliable forecast

Paid Media Management

1. Segmented database based on set criteria - messaging needs to fit audience.2. Track open rate/ click through rate/bounce rate/spam rate and AB test accordingly (some CRMs can be used to track further.3. Incorporate trust signals e.g. Trustpilot plugin.4. Workflows that time for highest open rate.5. If branches/choose your own adventure.6. Create lists based on unengaged and renurture.

Sales Team Allocation Strategy

CRM Utilisation and Campaign Creation

1. Lead scoring process based on customer journey/interactions.2. If don't meet lead score criteria go into targeted nurture campaign.3. Automated pass on to sales team (where possible) with full information on touchpoints thus far.Fair allocation process:(Dependent on team set-up/priorities).

  • Round Robin
  • Strength focus