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Hi Fossil Frontier team,We are starting the rollout of our pilot of Fountain to 47 Fossil Frontier locations. This week, we’ve scheduled some very informative and fun training that will allow you to become more familiar with Fountain and its functionalities. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get comfortable viewing, moving, and hiring applicants. We are in great shape for our upcoming launch on September 29th and are very excited to get this in your hands! ObjectiveTo help you source and hire quality candidates quickly, measuring success along the way so you can stay focused on hiring the right candidates for your storesTimeframe

  • September 19th - access to recorded trainings and printable support documents
  • September 26th, 28th & October 3rd, 5th — optional Q&A sessions (watching the recordings are a prerequisite to attending these sessions)
  • September 29th - Phase 1 Launch
  • October 6th - Phase 2 Launch

Communication week of launch continues to expand on the project goal, timeline, as well as introduce activities occurring within the week to faciliate the launch of Fountain.

Timeline included again to help team members plan for the upcoming changes.